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Localization Project page
This page belongs to the OldUnreal Localization Project. We aim to localize the game to other languages as flawlessly as possible, with the least amount of errors possible (ideally 0).
This is a file for the English language, the game's default. This file should be used as a base for the rest of the languages.
The localization project is also available at the Github repository. Completed and incomplete pages will be adapted there once complete.
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Language English
Game Unreal
Status 15/15
Title="Outpost 3J"
LevelEntryText="Entering the Outpost 3J"

Title="Outpost 3J"
LevelEntryText="Entering the Outpost 3J"

Message="Security Log: Outpost 3J Base Commander Ssja'Rath 10th Talon of Ssa'Rath. To maintain order and security we have been keeping a constant watch on the Nali in the town. Vigilance is the Guardian of Honor."

Message="Teleporter Controls"

Message="Rear Entrance Force Field Controls"

Message="Right Hangar Bay Door Controls"

Message="Force Field Controls"

Message="Left Hangar Bay Door Controls"

Message="Message Log 7: Mothership acknowledges request for resupply of Outpost 3J. Scout Skimmer 3J-1A authorized to return to the mothership to pick up cargo."

Message="Main Bay Door Controls"

Message="Lower Security Access Panel"

Message="No unauthorized access to lower church catacombs. All personnel must be checked by security before access is granted."

Message="Teleporter target coordinates set for surface transporter pad 13. Sentry personnel already dispatched to location to secure area against resistance. Area cleared for cargo transmission."
Unreal English Localization
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