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Localization Project page
This page belongs to the OldUnreal Localization Project. We aim to localize the game to other languages as flawlessly as possible, with the least amount of errors possible (ideally 0).
This is a file for the English language, the game's default. This file should be used as a base for the rest of the languages.
The localization project is also available at the Github repository. Completed and incomplete pages will be adapted there once complete.
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Language English
Game Unreal
Status 8/8
Title="Nagomi Passage"
LevelEntryText="Entering the Nagomi Passage"

Title="Nagomi Passage"
LevelEntryText="Entering the Nagomi Passage"

Message="LOG: M. Poesch: Located a mining facility, but the front gates won't open. A large Behemoth seems to control it, but he went back inside. I'll wait for him here. I got 2 clips here with his name on it."

Message="LOG: A. Leiby: Been running from a Skaarj for the past 2 hours. Think I lost him behind a crate. If I can just make it down below I can slip back into the temple. It's darker so it's easier to hide. Wait... I hear someth >>>ERROR<<<"

Message="Entering Land of Nagomi"

Message="Entering Land of Nagomi"
Unreal English Localization
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