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Language English
Game Unreal
Status 171/171

MenuName="Object ref"

MenuName="Object array"

Description="Vector variable."

MenuName="Struct members"




MenuName="Mesh Overlay"
Description="Adds a temporary mesh overlay to an actor."

MenuName="Draw Icon"
Description="Draws an icon on the HUD."


MenuName="Draw Text"
Description="Draws a message on HUD."

MenuName="Show Message"
Description="Shows a client message on screen.|If no receiver is specified, everyone will receive the message."

MenuName="Text Op"

MenuName="Actor List"
Description="Dynamic ActorList reference variable."


MenuName="Object List"
Description="Object list reference variable.|WARNING: Don't use this to reference dynamic destroyable actors, or the game may crash!"


Description="Dynamic actor reference variable."

Description="Floating point variable."

Description="32-bit integer variable."

MenuName="Network data"
Description="Transmits data from server to client.|All inputs you set will also output on client side and fire output event client side every time you fire an input server-side.|If no receiver is specified, the networked event will be broadcast to all clients."

MenuName="Radius Actors"
Description="Grabs all actors within a point in level.|Position input can be an actor or a vector."

MenuName="Int op"
Description="Does a math operation with integers."



Description="Text line variable."

MenuName="Move to key"
Description="Moves a mover to a keyframe."


MenuName="Give Health"
Description="Gives or removes health from a pawn."


Description="Triggered by a regular in level event.|Tag can be changed by firing Set Tag event and binding NewTag value."

MenuName="Change scale"
Description="Resizes an actor with optional blend time."

Description="Name variable."

MenuName="Destroy Actor"
Description="Instantly destroys an actor."

MenuName="Float op"
Description="Does a math operation with floating point."

Description="Boolean variable."

MenuName="AI Move to actor"
Description="Makes a ScriptedPawn move to a goal actor.|Output is fired when a pawn has reached or not the goal actor, with Reached output set to just finished pawn."


MenuName="Play Sound"
Description="Plays a sound effect.|Sound source can be an actor or a vector. If actor array, it will play the sound on all actors in that array."

Description="Rotator variable."

MenuName="Spawn Actor"
Description="Spawns a new actor.|If you input Position as actor variable, it will use that actor rotation. Otherwise you can input vector and rotation."

MenuName="All Pawns"
Description="Grabs all pawns from level."

MenuName="Give Item"
Description="Gives an inventory item to a player."

MenuName="Array Add"
Description="Adds an unique item to array.|Fires event Found or Not Found depending on the result."

MenuName="Random Int"
Description="Random integer variable."

MenuName="Append Text"
Description="Adds text to the end of the current textline."

Description="Object reference variable.|WARNING: Don't use this to reference dynamic destroyable actors, or the game may crash!"

MenuName="Play Music"
Description="Changes currently played music.|If no player is specified, the event affects all actors."

MenuName="Random Float"
Description="Random floating point variable."

Description="Waits for specific time."

MenuName="Set Hidden"
Description="Toggles the Hidden property for an actor."

MenuName="Local Player"
Description="Local player variable function."

MenuName="Pawn Died"
Description="Triggered when a pawn dies."

MenuName="Pawn Hurt"
Description="Triggered when a pawn takes damage."

MenuName="Prevent Death"
Description="Prevents a pawn from dying.|NOTE: Output link is fired, THEN it checks the Input flag. If true, it prevents the pawn from dying."


MenuName="Player spawned"
Description="Triggered when a player spawns."

MenuName="Kill Pawn"
Description="Kills instantly a pawn."

MenuName="ObjList Iterator"
Description="Iterates through an object list."

MenuName="Trigger Event"
Description="Sends a regular event to all actors in level."

MenuName="Array Remove"
Description="Remove a single item from array and return its size.|An empty event is fired once final array entry has been removed."

MenuName="Replace Text"
Description="Replace a part of text with another text."

Description="Split a call into multiple branches."

MenuName="Take Damage"
Description="Make an actor take damage."

MenuName="Set Physics"
Description="Changes the actor's movement physics."

MenuName="Set Collision"
Description="Changes the actor's collision state."

MenuName="Play Anim"
Description="Play an animation on actors.|Note: Pawn code may override the animation!"

MenuName="Compare Float"
Description="Compare 2 floating point values."

MenuName="Delete Item"
Description="Find and delete an inventory item from a player."

MenuName="Compare Int"
Description="Compare 2 integer values."

MenuName="To Vector"
Description="Constructs a vector from individual components."

MenuName="To Rotator"
Description="Constructs a rotator from individual components."

MenuName="Logic Gate"
Description="A logic gate."

MenuName="From Vector"
Description="Grab each vector component."

MenuName="Find Item"
Description="Find an inventory item from a player."

MenuName="From Rotator"
Description="Grab each rotator component."

MenuName="Compare Object"
Description="Compare 2 objects."

MenuName="Compare Text"
Description="Compare 2 string text lines."

MenuName="Get Name"
Description="Grab the actor name."

MenuName="Get Array Size"
Description="Check the size of an object array."

MenuName="Set Property"
Description="Change actor property value."

MenuName="Change State"
Description="Change actor script state."

MenuName="All Actors"
Description="Grab all actors from level."

MenuName="Get Property"
Description="Grab actor property value."

MenuName="Set Bool"
Description="Set boolean value."

MenuName="Reset level"
Description="Soft-resets the level."

MenuName="Set Float"
Description="Set float value."

MenuName="Array Empty"
Description="Simply blank out an array."

MenuName="Set Int"
Description="Set integer value."

MenuName="Set Text"
Description="Set string value."

MenuName="Begin Play"
Description="Fires an event on start of map.|Reset event is fired instead when level was soft-reset."

MenuName="Compare Bool"
Description="Compare a boolean value."

MenuName="Server Type"
Description="Check in which environment this action is executed on."
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