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Language English
Game Unreal
Status 10/10
Title="Escape from Na Pali"

Title="Escape from Na Pali"

Message="Why me?"

Message="LOG: J. Crable: After trying to trade a useless flashlight to one of the Nali natives for some food, he turned me into a cow. I've learned that I must travel to high peaks of Mon-Ton Dew and meet with the high Priestess for a cure. My quest begins."

Message="LOG: D. Beck: Our luck seems to have changed. We've found a Terran vessel of some sort settled in a mountain fortress. A gate prevents us from reaching it but the natives say it can be opened from a nearby tower. Looks like we're home free."

Message="They tell me I must hurry. The Sky Demons have uncovered our secret. There is much work here, time escapes me. Nevertheless, the future shines bright in my eyes. We shall be victorious in the next life, but for now, everything must come to an end..."

Message="LOG: M. Tetreault: As soon as I find that switch to open the gate, we can get the hell out of here. Think happy thoughts. Uh-oh, spotted another one of those Skaarj creatures. That's it, his ass is mine."

Message="What is the point of me hanging around on this spike? What does it prove? I'm in a lot of pain here and I fail to see the humor in any of this."

Message="My time has come to sleep the eternal sleep. Our struggle with the Sky Demons lives on. We pray for the savior to return to us, but our prayers go unanswered. At least the suffering is almost over..."

Message="No secrets for you!"
Unreal English Localization
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