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Language English
Game Unreal
Status 12/12
Title="Na Pali Haven"
LevelEntryText="Entering Na Pali Haven"

Title="Na Pali Haven"
LevelEntryText="Entering Na Pali Haven"

Message="I have gathered all of these strange artifacts in the hope that the Messiah shall make use of them in the quest to free us from the Sky Demons. I know not what their uses are but the signs were clear, the stars foretold the need."

Message="Mountain Base Underwater Entrance Door Controls"

Message="All security forces must keep the Nali townsfolk under control. Kill all those who show signs of resistance. We only need to maintain enough pliable workers to mine the Tarydium."

Message="Observation Center: The Eye Sees and The Mind Knows. Remember not to disturb the Nali townsfolk unnecessarily as their belief that they are still free prevents outright rebellion. This false hope is our primary control mechanism."

Message="Outer Doors Release Lever"

Message="I don't understand why they toy with us. My establishment used to be a place of laughter and joy for my fellow citizens. Now I just serve the whims of the Sky Demons in exchange for the life of my family. I await the Messiah."

Message="I've seen strange flying beasts vanishing into the depths of the mountain at night. The roar as they fly overhead is deafening. Never before have I heard its like. I feel that a great evil must dwell within the mountain."

Message="They let us go about our business here, but it is a farce. I know that they are watching us, controlling us. I believe this once safe haven is as deadly as the surface planet below."
Unreal English Localization
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