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Untranslated lines
The following page contains untranslated lines for the Dutch language. If you're fluent or native on this language, you can help us fix them by locating the lines starting with two asterisks (**).
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Language Guidelines page
Here are common definitions for most of the elements for the games, mainly the [Public] header, weapons/items, location names, mutators and the like. These guidelines are NOT set in stone, and can be changed at any time if a better word or phrase is found. Just make sure you update the relevant pages as well, and everything should be OK.

"Advanced Options menu"

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Advanced Options Geavanceerde Mogelijkheden Core.nlt, Editor.nlt, Engine.nlt Root.
Advanced Geavanceerd Core.nlt, Engine.nlt
Audio Geluid Engine.nlt, ALAudio.nlt, Galaxy.nlt, FMODAudioDrv.nlt, SwFMOD.nlt, Cluster.nlt
Decals stickers Engine.nlt Unreal Only
Display Weergave Engine.nlt, WinDrv.nlt, XDrv.nlt, SDL2Drv.nlt, SDLDrv.nlt
Drivers Drivers Engine.nlt Engine.Engine Category=Drivers
Editor Editor Editor.nlt
Game Settings Spelinstellingen Engine.nlt Engine.GameInfo
Game Types Speltypes Engine.nlt, UnrealI.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UPak.nlt, Botpack.nlt
Joystick Joystick Engine.nlt, WinDrv.nlt, XDrv.nlt, SDL2Drv.nlt, SDLDrv.nlt
Networking Netwerken Engine.nlt, IpDrv.nlt, UnrealI.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt
Rendering Renderen Engine.nlt, D3DDrv.nlt, D3D9Drv.nlt, GlideDrv.nlt, MeTaLDrv.nlt, OpenGLDrv.nlt, SglDrv.nlt, SoftDrv.nlt, XMesaGLDrv.nlt, XOpenGLDrv.nlt, D3D8Drv.nlt, OGLDrv.nlt, OldOpenGLDrv.nlt, SDLGLDrv.nlt, SDLSoftDrv.nlt, D3D10Drv.nlt

"Advanced" menu

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
File System Bestandssysteem Core.nlt Core.System
Game Engine Settings Game Engine-instellingen Engine.nlt Engine.GameEngine Category=Settings
Key Aliases Sleutelaliassen Engine.nlt Engine.Input Category=Aliases
Raw Key Bindings RawKeyBindingen Engine.nlt Engine.Input Category=RawKeys

"Game Types" menu

NOTE: In Unreal Tournament, the Deathmatch, Domination, Capture the Flag and Assault names must match those in TutVoiceDM.uax_nlt, TutVoiceDOM.uax_nlt, TutVoiceCTF.uax_nlt and TutVoiceAS.uax_nlt.

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Assault aanvallen Botpack.nlt, UBrowser.nlt Botpack.Assault UT Only
Capture The Flag Verover de Vlag Botpack.nlt, UBrowser.nlt Botpack.CTFGame UT Only
Cloak Match Mantel Match UPak.nlt UPak.CloakMatch Unreal (RTNP) Only
Coop Play Samenspelen UnrealShare.nlt UnrealShare.CoopGame Unreal Only
Darkmatch Darkmatch UnrealI.nlt UnrealI.DarkMatch Unreal Only
Deathmatch Deathmatch UnrealShare.nlt, UBrowser.nlt UnrealShare.DeathmatchGame Unreal Only
Domination Overheersing Botpack.nlt, UBrowser.nlt Botpack.Domination UT Only
Gravity Match zwaartekracht wedstrijd UPak.nlt UPak.GravityMatch Unreal (RTNP) Only
King of the Hill Koning van de Heuvel UnrealI.nlt UnrealI.KingOfTheHill Unreal Only
Last Man Standing Laatste man die Staat Botpack.nlt, UBrowser.nlt Botpack.LastManStanding UT Only
Marine Match Maritieme wedstrijd UPak.nlt UPak.MarineMatch Unreal (RTNP) Only
Team Play TeamSpel UnrealShare.nlt, UBrowser.nlt UnrealShare.TeamGame Unreal Only
Terran Weapon Match Terran Wapen Wedstrijd UPak.nlt UPak.TerranWeaponMatch Unreal (RTNP) Only
Tournament Darkmatch Toernooi Darkmatch Botpack.nlt Botpack.TournamentDarkmatch UT Only
Tournament Deathmatch Toernooi Deathmatch Botpack.nlt Botpack.DeathmatchPlus UT Only
Tournament Team Game Toernooi Teamspel Botpack.nlt Botpack.TeamGamePlus UT Only

"Networking" menu

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Channel Download Kanaal downloaden Engine.nlt Engine.ChannelDownload Unreal Only
Connection Notifications Verbindingsmeldingen Engine.nlt Engine.Gameinfo Category=Networking
Unreal Only
Map Lists KaartLijsten Engine.nlt, UnrealI.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt Unreal Only
Master Server Uplink Master Server-uplink IpServer.nlt IpServer.UdpServerUplink
Public Server Information Openbare ServerInformatie Engine.nlt Engine.GameReplicationInfo
Server Beacon Serverbaken IpDrv.nlt IpDrv.UdpBeacon
TCP/IP Network Play TCP/IP-Netwerk Afspelen IpDrv.nlt IpDrv.TcpNetDriver
UBrowser U-Browser UBrowser.nlt UBrowser.UBrowserMainClientWindow Unreal Only
Unreal Integrity UnrealIntegriteit UnrealIntegrity.nlt UnrealIntegrity.nltegrityServer Unreal Only
Web Server Web Server UWeb.nlt[**], UWebAdmin.nlt[*] UWeb.WebServer[**] [*] Unreal Only, [**] UT Only
Web-Based Remote Administration Webgebaseerd Beheer op afstand UTServerAdmin.nlt UTServerAdmin.UTServerAdmin UT Only

"Unreal Integrity" menu

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Integrity Server Integriteitsserver UnrealIntegrity.nlt UnrealIntegrity.nltegrityServer
Whitelist Witte lijst UnrealIntegrity.nlt UnrealIntegrity.ExternalWhiteList

"Web Server" menu

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Messaging Spectator Berichtentoeschouwer UWebAdmin.nlt UWebAdmin.MessagingSpectator Unreal Only
Sub Web Manager Sub-webbeheer UWebAdmin.nlt UWebAdmin.SubWebManager Unreal Only
Web Connection Webverbinding UWebAdmin.nlt UWebAdmin.WebServer Unreal Only
Web Manager Webmanager UWebAdmin.nlt UWebAdmin.WebAdminManager Unreal Only

"Map Lists" menu

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Darkmatch Maps Darkmatch-kaarten UnrealI.nlt UnrealI.DkMapList Unreal Only
Deathmatch Maps Deathmatch-kaarten UnrealShare.nlt UnrealShare.DmMapList Unreal Only

"Decals" menu

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Blood Bloed Engine.nlt Unreal Only
Config Configuratie UnrealShare.nlt UnrealShare.Scorch Unreal Only
Decoration Shadow Decoratie Schaduw Engine.nlt Engine.DecoShadow Unreal Only
Pawn Shadow Pion Schaduw Engine.nlt Engine.PawnShadow Unreal Only
Projectile Shadow Projectiel Schaduw Engine.nlt Engine.ProjectileShadow Unreal Only

"Blood" menu

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Client Cliënt UnrealShare.nlt UnrealShare.UnrealBlood Unreal Only
Server Server Engine.nlt Engine.GameInfo Unreal Only.

"Editor" menu

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Advanced (Editor) Geavanceerde Editor Editor.nlt Editor.EditorEngine Category=Advanced
Colors Kleuren Editor.nlt Editor.EditorEngine Category=Colors
Commandlets and Exporters Opdrachten en verkenners Editor.nlt Unreal only
Grid Rooster Editor.nlt Editor.EditorEngine Category=Grid
Rotation Grid Rotatierooster Editor.nlt Editor.EditorEngine Category=RotationGrid

"Commandlets and Exporters" menu

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
AudioPackage Commandlet AudioPackage-Opdracht Editor.nlt Editor.AudioPackageCommandlet Unreal Only
BatchMeshExport Commandlet BatchMeshExport-Opdracht Editor.nlt Editor.BatchMeshExportCommandlet Unreal Only
FullBatchExport Commandlet FullBatchExport-opdracht Editor.nlt Editor.FullBatchExportCommandlet Unreal Only
MusicPackages Commandlet MusicPackages-Opdracht Editor.nlt Editor.MusicPackagesCommandlet Unreal Only
RebuildImports Commandlet RebuildImports-Opdracht Editor.nlt Editor.RebuildImportsCommandlet Unreal Only
SkeletalAnim (PSA) Exporter SkeletalAnimPSA Exporteur Editor.nlt Editor.SkeletalAnimExpPSA Unreal Only

"Audio" menu

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Cluster 3D Audio Support Cluster 3D-audio-ondersteuning Cluster.nlt Cluster.ClusterAudioSubsystem UT Only
FMOD 3D Audio Support FMOD 3D-audio-ondersteuning FMODAudioDrv.nlt FMODAudioDrv.FMODAudioDevice
Galaxy 3D Audio Support Galaxy 3D-audio-ondersteuning Galaxy.nlt Galaxy.GalaxyAudioSubsystem
OpenAL 3D Audio Support OpenAL 3D-audio-ondersteuning ALAudio.nlt ALAudio.ALAudioSubsystem
SwFModEx Audio Support SwFMODEx-audio-ondersteuning SwFMOD.nlt SwFMOD.SwFMOD Unreal Only

"Rendering" menu

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
3dfx Glide Support 3dfx Glide-video-ondersteuning GlideDrv.nlt GlideDrv.GlideRenderDevice
Direct3D 7 Support Direct3D 7-video-ondersteuning D3DDrv.nlt D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice
Direct3D 8 Support Direct3D 8-video-ondersteuning D3D8Drv.nlt D3D8Drv.D3D8RenderDevice Unreal Only
Direct3D 9 Support Direct3D 9-video-ondersteuning D3D9Drv.nlt D3D9Drv.D3D9RenderDevice
Direct3D 10 Support Direct3D 10-video-ondersteuning D3D10Drv.nlt D3D10Drv.D3D10RenderDevice No game present
Mesa 3D Support Mesa 3D-video-ondersteuning XMesaGLDrv.nlt XMesaGLDrv.XMesaGLRenderDevice Unreal Only
OGL Support OGL-video-ondersteuning OGLDrv.nlt OGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice Unreal Only
OldOpenGL Support OldOpenGL-video-ondersteuning OldOpenGLDrv.nlt OldOpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice Unreal Only
OpenGL Support OpenGL-video-ondersteuning OpenGLDrv.nlt OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice
PowerVR SGL Support PowerVR SGL-video-ondersteuning SglDrv.nlt SGLDrv.SGLRenderDevice
S3 MeTaL Support S3 MeTaL-video-ondersteuning MeTaLDrv.nlt MeTaLDrv.MeTaLRenderDevice
SDL OpenGL Support SDL OpenGL-video-ondersteuning SDLGLDrv.nlt SDLGLDrv.SDLGLRenderDevice
SDL Software Rendering SDL-softwareRenderen SDLSoftDrv.nlt SDLSoftDrv.SDLSoftwareRenderDevice
Software Rendering SoftwareRenderen SoftDrv.nlt SoftDrv.SoftwareRenderDevice
XOpenGL Support XOpenGL-video-ondersteuning XOpenGLDrv.nlt XOpenGLDrv.XOpenGLRenderDevice Category=Options

"XOpenGL Support" menu

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Debug Options Foutopsporingsopties XOpenGLDrv.nlt XOpenGLDrv.XOpenGLRenderDevice Category="DebugOptions"
Render Options RenderOpties XOpenGLDrv.nlt XOpenGLDrv.XOpenGLRenderDevice Category="Client"

"Display" and "Joystick" menus

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Source Development Layer BronOntwikkelingLaag SDLDrv.nlt SDLDrv.SDLClient Category=Display
Source Development Layer 2 BronOntwikkelingLaag2 SDL2Drv.nlt SDL2Drv.SDL2Client Category=Display
Unreal only
Windows Windows WinDrv.nlt WinDrv.WindowsClient Category=Display
X Server XServer XDrv.nlt XDrv.XClient Category=Display



NOTE: In Unreal Tournament, the Enforcer, Shock Rifle, Translocator and Impact Hammer's names must match the audio strings from the files TutVoiceDM.uax_nlt and TutVoiceDOM.uax_nlt. Because of this, for consistency reasons, we're going to also use the translated name for the Translocator for its Unreal equivalent.

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
ASMD ASMD OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
AutoMag AutoMag Nyleve.nlt, OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Chainsaw Kettingzaag Botpack.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Combat Assault Rifle Gevecht AanvalGeweer UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Dispersion Pistol Dispersie Pistool OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Dual Enforcers Dual Enforcers Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Eightball Gun Acht Bal Raketwerper OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Enforcer Enforcer Botpack.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Enhanced Shock Rifle Verbeterd Schokgeweer Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Flak Cannon Flak-Kanon Botpack.nlt, CTF-Orbital.nlt, DM-Shrapnel][.nlt, OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealI.nlt, UPak.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
GES BioRifle GES Bio-geweer Botpack.nlt, DM-Phobos.nlt, OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealI.nlt, UPak.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Impact Hammer Slaghamer Botpack.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Minigun Minigun Botpack.nlt, OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealI.nlt, UPak.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Peacemaker Vredestichter UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Pulse Gun Puls Pistool Botpack.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Quad-Barreled Shotgun Vierloops Jachtgeweer UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
RazorJack Scheermes Jack OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealI.nlt, UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Redeemer Verlosser Botpack.nlt, CTF-Face-SE.nlt, CTF-LavaGiant.nlt, DM-ArcaneTemple.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Ripper Ripper Botpack.nlt, DOM-Leadworks.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Rocket Launcher Raketwerper Botpack.nlt, CTF-LavaGiant.nlt, DM-Shrapnel][.nlt, DM-Tempest.nlt, DOM-Leadworks.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Shock Rifle Schokgeweer Botpack.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Sniper Rifle Scherpschuttersgeweer Botpack.nlt, OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealI.nlt, UPak.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Stinger Stinger OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Translocator Translocator UnrealShare.nlt, Botpack.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
UMS Grenade Launcher UMS-granaatwerper UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
UMS Rocket Launcher UMS-raketwerper UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only


Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
ASMD Core ASMD-kern OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Bullet Box Bullet Box OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
CAR Clip AUTO Clip UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP only
Clip Clip OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Dispersion Pistol Powerup Dispersie Pistool Powerup OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Eightballs Achtballen OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Enhanced Shock Cores Verbeterde ShockCores Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Flak Shells Flakschelpen OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealI.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Pulse Cells PulseCellen Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Razor Blades Scheermesjes OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealI.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Rifle Rounds GeweerRonden OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealI.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Rocket Pack Raketpakket Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Shell Box ShellBox OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Shock Cores Schokkernen Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Tarydium Biosludge Tarydium Bioslib OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Tarydium Shards Tarydium-scherven OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
UMS Grenades UMS-granaten UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP only
UMS Rockets UMS-raketten UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP only


Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Acoustic Dampener Akoestische demper UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
AntiGrav Boots Anti-zwaartekracht laarzen Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Antitoxin Suit Antitoxinepak UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Asbestos Suit Asbest pak UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Assault Vest Aanvalsvest UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Bandages Verbanden UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Big Keg O' Health BigKegO Gezondheid Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Body Armor Kogelvrije vesten Botpack.nlt, CTF-Kosov.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Cloaking Device verhul apparaat UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Computer Tablet Computertablet UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Damage Amplifier Schade Versterker Botpack.nlt, CTF-Orbital.nlt, DM-Tempest.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Energy Amplifier Energieversterker OldWeapons.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Flare Gloed UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Flashlight Zaklamp UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Force Field Krachtveld UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Health Pack Gezondheidspakket UnrealShare.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Health Vial GezondheidVial Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Invisibility Onzichtbaarheid UnrealI.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Jump Boots Springlaarzen UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Kevlar Suit Kevlar pak UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Marine SCUBA Gear Marine SCUBA-uitrusting UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Master of the Woods Meester van het bos UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Minigun Sentry Minigun schildwacht UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Nali Fruit Seeds NaliFruitZaden UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Nali Healing Fruit NaliGenezing Fruit UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Power Shield Krachtschild UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Relic of Defense Relikwie Van Defensie Relics.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Relic of Redemption Relikwie Van Verlossing Relics.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Relic of Regeneration Relikwie Van Regeneratie Relics.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Relic of Speed Relikwie van snelheid Relics.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Relic of Strength Relikwie Van Kracht Relics.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Relic of Vengeance Relikwie van wraak Relics.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
SCUBA Gear Duikuitrusting UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Search Light Zoeklicht UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Shield Belt SchildRiem Botpack.nlt, CTF-LavaGiant.nlt, DM-Shrapnel][.nlt, DM-Tempest.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Super Health Pack Super Gezondheidspakket UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Thigh Pads Dij Pads Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Universal Translator UniverseleVertaler UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Voice Box Spraakbox UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Woodruff Seeds WoodruffZaden UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only


Unreal SP

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Bluff Eversmoking Bluff ooit roken Bluff.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Cellars at Dasa Pass KeldersBijDasaPass DasaCellars.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Chizra - The Nali Water God Temple ChizraDeNaliWaterGodTempel Chizra.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Dark Arena Donkere Arena Dark.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Dasa Mountain Pass Dasa-bergpas DasaPass.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Demon Crater Demonen krater DCrater.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Demonlord's Lair Demon Lord's Lair NaliLord.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Depths of Rrajigar Diepten van Rrajigar Dug.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Ending Sequence Einde reeks EndGame.nlt[*], End.nlt[**] [Empty] [Empty] [*] Unreal only
[**] RTNP only
Gateway to Na Pali Poort naar NaPali SkyCaves.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Harobed Village Havendorp Dig.nlt, Harobed.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Illumination Verlichting ExtremeDarkGen.nlt, ExtremeDGen.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
ISV-Kran Deck 1 ISV Kran Dek 1 IsvDeck1.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
ISV-Kran Deck 4 ISV Kran Dek 4 IsvKran4.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
ISV-Kran Decks 2 & 3 ISV Kran Dekken 2 en 3 IsvKran32.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Mothership Basement Moederschip Kelder ExtremeBeg.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Mothership Core Moederschip Kern ExtremeCore.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Mothership Lab Moederschip Lab ExtremeLab.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Na Pali Haven NaPali Haven SkyTown.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Nali Castle NaliKasteel NaliC.nlt, Upack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Noork's Elbow Noors Elleboog Noork.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Nyleve's Falls Ny leves Falls Nyleve.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Outpost 3J Buitenpost3J SkyBase.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Rrajigar Mine RrajigarMijn Dig.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Sacred Passage heilige doorgang Passage.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Serpent Canyon SlangCanyon NaliBoat.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Skaarj Generator Skaarj-generator ExtremeGen.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Spire Village torenspits dorp SpireVillage.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Temple of Vandora Tempel van Vandora Ruins.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Terraniux Terraniux Terraniux.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Terraniux Underground Terraria ondergronds TerraLift.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
The Ceremonial Chambers De ceremoniële kamers Ceremony.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
The Darkening de verduistering ExtremeDark.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
The Gateway De doorgang Gateway.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
The Source De bron QueenEnd.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
The Source Antechamber De Bron Antichambre ExtremeEnd.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
The Sunspire De zonnespits TheSunspire.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
The Trench de loopgraaf Trench.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Velora Pass Velora Pass VeloraEnd.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Vortex Rikers Vortex Rikers Vortex2.nlt [Empty] [Empty]

Unreal DM

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Night Op (**)Night Op DKNightOp.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Ariza (**)Ariza DmAriza.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Curse (**)Curse DmCurse.nlt, DM-Curse][.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Death Fan (**)Death Fan DmDeathFan.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Deck #16 (**)Deck #16 DmDeck16.nlt, DM-Deck16][.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Elsinore (**)Elsinore DmElsinore.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Fire In The Hole (**)Fire In The Hole DMfith.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Healing Pod (**)Healing Pod DmHealPod.nlt, DM-HealPod][.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Morbias (**)Morbias DmMorbias.nlt, DM-Morbias][.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Radikus (**)Radikus DmRadikus.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Tundra (**)Tundra DmTundra.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Cybrosis Central (**)Cybrosis Central DM-Cybrosis.nlt, CTF-Cybrosis][.nlt, DM-Cybrosis][.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Blood Letting (**)Blood Letting DM-Letting.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal FMP Only
Loxi (**)Loxi DM-Loxi.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal FMP Only
Mojo (**)Mojo DM-Mojo.nlt, DM-Mojo][.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Shrapnel (**)Shrapnel DM-Shrapnel.nlt, DM-Shrapnel][.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Twilight (**)Twilight DM-Twilight.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal FMP Only
Bay C (**)Bay C DmBayC.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal DMP Only
Blood Creek (**)Blood Creek DmCreek.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal DMP Only
Despair (**)Despair DmDespair.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal DMP Only
Eclipse (**)Eclipse DmEclipse.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal DMP Only
Krazy (**)Krazy DmKrazy.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal DMP Only
Locke (**)Locke DmLocke.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal DMP Only
Morbfanza (**)Morbfanza DmMorbfanza.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal DMP Only
Scruular (**)Scruular DmScruular.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal DMP Only
Splash Fortress (**)Splash Fortress DmSplash.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal DMP Only
The Villa Docks (**)The Villa Docks DmVilla.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal DMP Only
Beyond The Sun (**)Beyond The Sun DmBeyondTheSun.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal 227 Only
Exar (**)Exar DmExar.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal 227 Only
Retrospective (**)Retrospective DmRetrospective.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal 227 Only
Riot! (**)Riot! DmRiot.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal 227 Only


Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Approaching UMS Prometheus Het naderen van UMS Prometheus Crashsite.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Bounds of Foundry Grenzen Van Gieterij Toxic.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Edge of Na Pali Rand van NaPali DuskFalls.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Escape from Na Pali Ontsnap uit NaPali Nalic2.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Foundry Tarydium Plant Gieterij Tarydium Plant Foundry.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Gala's Peak Galaspiek Abyss.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Glathriel Village Glatriel Dorp Glathriel1.nlt, Glathriel2.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Inside UMS Prometheus Binnen UMS Prometheus Crashsite2.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Intermission X Pauze X InterIntro.nlt, Inter1.nlt, Inter2.nlt, Inter3.nlt, Inter4.nlt, Inter5.nlt, Inter6.nlt, Inter7.nlt, Inter8.nlt, Inter9.nlt, Inter10.nlt, Inter11.nlt, Inter12.nlt, Inter13.nlt, Inter14.nlt, InterCrashsite.nlt, Intro1.nlt, Intro2.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Nagomi Passage Nagomi Passage Nagomi.nlt, NagomiSun.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Neve's Crossing Neves Crossing Nevec.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Spire Valley Spits vallei SpireLand.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
The Eldora Well De Eldora-bron Eldora.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
UMS Prometheus UMS Prometheus Crashsite1.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Velora Temple Velora-tempel Velora.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Watcher of the Skies Watcher Of The Skies Glacena.nlt [Empty] [Empty]


Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Athena Athene DmAthena.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Daybreak Dagje pauze DmDaybreak.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Hazard Gevaar DmHazard.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Stomp Stomp DmStomp.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Sun Speak zon spreken DmSunSpeak.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Terra Terra DmTerra.nlt [Empty] [Empty]

UT Assault

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Frigate Fregat AS-Frigate.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Guardia Fortress Guardia-fort AS-Guardia.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
High Speed Hoge snelheid AS-HiSpeed.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Mazon Fortress Mazon-fort AS-Mazon.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Ocean Floor "Station 5" Oceaan-bodem station 5 AS-Oceanfloor.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Operation Overlord Operatie Overlord AS-Overlord.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Rook Toren AS-Rook.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Assault Tutorial Aanval zelfstudie AS-Tutorial.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]


Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
The Last Command (**)The Last Command CTF-Command.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Coret Center (**)Coret Center CTF-Coret.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Dreary Outpost (**)Dreary Outpost CTF-Dreary.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Eternal Caves (**)Eternal Caves CTF-EternalCave.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Facing Worlds (**)Facing Worlds CTF-Face.nlt, CTF-Face-SE.nlt, CTF-Face][.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
The Iron Gauntlet (**)The Iron Gauntlet CTF-Gauntlet.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Lava Giant (**)Lava Giant CTF-LavaGiant.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Niven Experimental Lab (**)Niven Experimental Lab CTF-Niven.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
November Sub Pen (**)November Sub Pen CTF-November.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Capture The Flag Tutorial (**)Capture The Flag Tutorial CTF-Tutorial.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Darji Outpost #16-A (**)Darji Outpost #16-A CTF-Darji16.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY/BP1 Only
Hydro Bases (**)Hydro Bases CTF-Hydro16.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY/BP1 Only
Noxion Base (**)Noxion Base CTF-Noxion16.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY/BP1 Only
Hall of Giants (**)Hall of Giants CTF-HallOfGiants.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY/BP2 Only
Orbital Station #12 (**)Orbital Station #12 CTF-Orbital.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY BP2 Only
High Towers (**)High Towers CTF-High.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY/BP3 Only
Kosov Canyon (**)Kosov Canyon CTF-Kosov.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY/BP3 Only
Nucleus Power Plant (**)Nucleus Power Plant CTF-Nucleus.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY/BP3 Only
Temple of Beatitude (**)Temple of Beatitude CTF-Beatitude.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT BP4 Only
Epic Boy (**)Epic Boy CTF-EpicBoy.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT BP4 Only
Ratchet (**)Ratchet CTF-Ratchet.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT BP4 Only

UT Deathmatch

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Orion's Barricade (**)Orion's Barricade DM-Barricade.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Codex of Wisdom (**)Codex of Wisdom DM-Codex.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Conveyor (**)Conveyor DM-Conveyor.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Fetid Sewers (**)Fetid Sewers DM-Fetid.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Fractal Reactor (**)Fractal Reactor DM-Fractal.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Gothic Castle (**)Gothic Castle DM-Gothic.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Heavy Metal Grinder (**)Heavy Metal Grinder DM-Grinder.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
HyperBlast (**)HyperBlast DM-HyperBlast.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Koos Galleon (**)Koos Galleon DM-KGalleon.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Liandri Central Core (**)Liandri Central Core DM-Liandri.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Morpheus (**)Morpheus DM-Morpheus.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
ITV Oblivion (**)ITV Oblivion DM-Oblivion.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Peak Monastery (**)The Peak Monastery DM-Peak.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Phobos Moon (**)Phobos Moon DM-Phobos.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Pressure (**)Pressure DM-Pressure.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Floating Pyramid (**)Floating Pyramid DM-Pyramid.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Stalwart (**)Stalwart DM-Stalwart.nlt, DM-StalwartXL.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Tempest (**)Tempest DM-Tempest.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Turbine (**)Turbine DM-Turbine.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Deathmatch Tutorial (**)Deathmatch Tutorial DM-Tutorial.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Ice Station Zeto (**)Ice Station Zeto DM-Zeto.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
The Pit of Agony (**)The Pit of Agony DM-Agony.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY/BP1 Only
Arcane Temple (**)Arcane Temple DM-ArcaneTemple.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY/BP1 Only
Malevolence (**)Malevolence DM-Malevolence.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY/BP1 Only
The Cranes (**)The Cranes DM-Crane.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY/BP3 Only
Space Noxx (**)Space Noxx DM-SpaceNoxx.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY/BP3 Only
Bishop (**)Bishop DM-Bishop.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT BP4 Only
Closer Resolution (**)Closer Resolution DM-Closer.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT BP4 Only
Grit (**)Grit DM-Grit-TOURNEY.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT BP4 Only
Viridian Dreams (**)Viridian Dreams DM-Viridian-TOURNEY.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT BP4 Only

UT Domination

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Cinder Foundry (**)Cinder Foundry DOM-Cinder.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Condemned (**)Condemned DOM-Condemned.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Cryptic (**)Cryptic DOM-Cryptic.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Gearbolt Installation (**)Gearbolt Installation DOM-Gearbolt.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Ghardhen Labs (**)Ghardhen Labs DOM-Ghardhen.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Lament (**)Lament DOM-Lament.nlt, DOM-Lament][.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Southside Leadworks (**)Southside Leadworks DOM-Leadworks.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Metal Dream (**)Metal Dream DOM-MetalDream.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Olden Aquifer (**)Olden Aquifer DOM-Olden.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Tomb of Sesmar (**)Tomb of Sesmar DOM-Sesmar.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Domination Tutorial (**)Domination Tutorial DOM-Tutorial.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Bulletproof (**)Bulletproof DOM-Bullet.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT BP4 Only
City Domination (**)City Domination DOM-Cidom.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT BP4 Only
Wolf's Bay (**)Wolf's Bay DOM-WolfsBay.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT BP4 Only

UT Other

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
City Intro Stad Intro CityIntro.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT City Intro
End of Ladder Einde van ladder EOL_Assault.nlt, EOL_Challenge.nlt, EOL_CTF.nlt, EOL_Deathmatch.nlt, EOL_Domination.nlt, EOL_Statues.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Played at the end ("winning the championship") of each ladder.


Letters (A-Z) and numbers (0-9) are excluded of this list for simplicity reasons. Also input sets (i.e. Joy1-Joy16) will appear as <input> X (i.e. Joy X).

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Left Mouse (**)Left Mouse UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Right Mouse (**)Right Mouse UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Cancel (**)Cancel UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Middle Mouse (**)Middle Mouse UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Unknown X (**)Unknown X UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Backspace (**)Backspace UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Tab (**)Tab UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Enter (**)Enter UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Shift (**)Shift UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Control (**)Control UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Alt (**)Alt UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Pause (**)Pause UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Caps Lock (**)Caps Lock UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Mouse X (**)Mouse X UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Escape (**)Escape UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Space (**)Space UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Page Up (**)Page Up UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Page Down (**)Page Down UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
End (**)End UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Home (**)Home UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Left (**)Left UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Up (**)Up UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Right (**)Right UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Down (**)Down UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Select (**)Select UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Print (**)Print UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Execute (**)Execute UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Print Screen (**)Print Screen UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Insert (**)Insert UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Delete (**)Delete UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Help (**)Help UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Num. Pad X (**)Num. Pad X UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Separator (**)Separator UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Num. Lock (**)Num. Lock UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Scroll Lock (**)Scroll Lock UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Left Shift (**)Left Shift UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Right Shift (**)Right Shift UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Left Control (**)Left Control UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Right Control (**)Right Control UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Semicolon (**)Semicolon UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Equals (**)Equals UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Comma (**)Comma UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Minus (**)Minus UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Period (**)Period UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Slash (**)Slash UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Tilde (**)Tilde UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Joystick X (**)Joystick X UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Left Bracket (**)Left Bracket UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Backslash (**)Backslash UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Right Bracket (**)Right Bracket UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Single Quote (**)Single Quote UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Mouse Wheel Up (**)Mouse Wheel Up UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Mouse Wheel Down (**)Mouse Wheel Down UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Attention (**)Attention UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Cr Sel (**)Cr Sel UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Ex Sel (**)Ex Sel UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Er Eof (**)Er Eof UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Play (**)Play UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Zoom (**)Zoom UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
No Name (**)No Name UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
PA1 (**)PA1 UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
OEM Clear (**)OEM Clear UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]


Input sets (i.e. Look for Player 1-10) will appear as <function> X (i.e. Look for Player X). Weapons are already covered in its section.

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Fire (**)Fire UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Alternate Fire (**)Alternate Fire UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Move Forward (**)Move Forward UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Move Backwards (**)Move Backwards UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Turn Left (**)Turn Left UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Turn Right (**)Turn Right UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Strafe Left (**)Strafe Left UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Strafe Right (**)StrafeRight UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Jump/Up (**)Jump/Up UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Crouch/Down (**)Crouch/Down UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Mouse Look (**)Mouse Look UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Activate Item (**)Activate Item UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Next Item (**)Next Item UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Previous Item (**)Previous Item UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Look Up (**)Look Up UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Look Down (**)Look Down UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Center View (**)Center View UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Walk (**)Walk UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Strafe (**)Strafe UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Next Weapon (**)Next Weapon UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Previous Weapon (**)Previous Weapon UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Throw Weapon (**)Throw Weapon UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Feign Death (**)Feign Death UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Show Music Menu (**)Music Menu UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Show Admin Menu (**)Admin Menu UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Chat (**)Chat UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Team Chat (**)Team Chat UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Show Scores (**)Show Scores UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Grab Decoration (**)Grab Decoration UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Toggle Behindview (**)Toggle Behindview UMenu.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Activate Translator (**)Activate Translator UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Suicide (**)Suicide UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Quick Save (**)Quick Save UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Quick Load (**)Quick Load UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Screenshot (**)Screenshot UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Change Brightness (**)Change Brightness UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Cancel Connection (**)Cancel Connection UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Disconnect (**)Disconnect UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Reconnect (**)Reconnect UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Console Button (**)Console Button UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Console Character (**)Console Character UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Quick Console (**)Quick Console UnrealShare.nlt, UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Show Voice Menu (**)Show Voice Menu UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Thrust (**)Thrust UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Wave (**)Wave UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Victory X (**)Victory X UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Select Best Weapon (**)Select Best Weapon UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
View Teammate X (**)View Teammate X UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Increase HUD (**)Increase HUD UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Decrease HUD (**)Decrease HUD UTMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only

Difficulty Levels

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Novice Gevorderde UMenu.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Average Gemiddeld UMenu.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Experienced Ervaren UMenu.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Skilled geschoolde UMenu.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Adept Bedreven UMenu.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Masterful meesterlijk UMenu.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Inhuman Onmenselijk UMenu.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Godlike goddelijk UMenu.nlt, Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Easy Eenvoudig UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Medium Medium UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Hard Moeilijk UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Unreal Onwerkelijk UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Extreme extreem UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Nightmare Nachtmerrie UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Ultra-Unreal Ultra onwerkelijk UMenu.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only

Player models

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Male 1 (**)Male 1 UDSDemo.nlt, UnrealI.nlt, UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Male 2 (**)Male 2 UDSDemo.nlt, UnrealI.nlt, UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Male 3 (**)Male 3 UDSDemo.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Female 1 (**)Female 1 UDSDemo.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt, UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Female 2 (**)Female 2 UDSDemo.nlt, UnrealI.nlt, UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Skaarj Trooper (**)Skaarj Trooper UDSDemo.nlt, UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Spectator (**)Spectator UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Nali (**)Nali UnrealI.nlt, multimesh.nlt, RocketArenaMultimesh.nlt, Tnalimeshskins.nlt [Empty] [Empty] In UT, GOTY/BP1 Only
Ouboudah (**)Ouboudah Tnalimeshskins.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY/BP1 Only
Priest (**)Priest Tnalimeshskins.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY/BP1 Only
Male Commando (**)Male Commando Botpack.nlt, CommandoSkins.nlt, RocketArena.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Female Commando (**)Female Commando Botpack.nlt, FCommandoSkins.nlt, RocketArena.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Aphex (**)Aphex FCommandoSkins.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Commando (**)Commando CommandoSkins.nlt, FCommandoSkins.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Mercenary (**)Mercenary CommandoSkins.nlt, FCommandoSkins.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Necris (**)Necris CommandoSkins.nlt, FCommandoSkins.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Male Soldier (**)Male Soldier Botpack.nlt, SoldierSkins.nlt, RocketArena.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Female Soldier (**)Female Soldier Botpack.nlt, SGirlSkins.nlt, RocketArena.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Marine (**)Marine SGirlSkins.nlt, SoldierSkins.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Metal Guard (**)Metal Guard SGirlSkins.nlt, SoldierSkins.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Raw Steel (**)Raw Steel SoldierSkins.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Soldier (**)Soldier SGirlSkins.nlt, SoldierSkins.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Venom (**)Venom SGirlSkins.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
War Machine (**)War Machine SGirlSkins.nlt, SoldierSkins.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Boss (**)Boss Botpack.nlt, BossSkins.nlt, RocketArena.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Skaarj Hybrid (**)Skaarj Hybrid multimesh.nlt, RocketArenaMultimesh.nlt, Tskmskins.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY/BP1 Only
Arena Warrior (**)Arena Warrior Tskmskins.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Cyborg Trooper (**)Cyborg Trooper Tskmskins.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Pit Fighter (**)Pit Fighter Tskmskins.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Nali War Cow (**)Nali War Cow multimesh.nlt, RocketArenaMultimesh.nlt, Tcowmeshskins.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Atomic Cow (**)Atomic Cow Tcowmeshskins.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
War Cow (**)War Cow Tcowmeshskins.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
War Boss (**)War Boss skeletalchars.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Xan Mk. II (**)Xan Mk. II skeletalchars.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only

Creatures and monsters

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Baby Cow (**)Baby Cow UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Behemoth (**)Behemoth UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Bird (**)Bird UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Biterfish School (**)Biterfish School UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Blob (**)Blob UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Bloblet (**)Bloblet UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Brute (**)Brute UnrealShare.nlt, UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Cave Manta (**)Cave Manta UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Chameleon (**)Chameleon UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal onlt
Devilfish (**)Devilfish UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Elite Krall (**)Elite Krall UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Elite Mercenary (**)Mercenary UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Fly (**)Fly UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Gasbag (**)Gasbag UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Giant Gasbag (**)Giant Gasbag UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Giant Manta (**)Giant Manta UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Hawk (**)Hawk UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal v227 only
Horsefly Swarm (**)Horsefly Swarm UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Ice Skaarj (**)Ice Skaarj UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal only
Krall (**)Krall UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Legless Krall (**)Legless Krall UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Lesser Brute (**)Lesser Brute UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Manta (**)Manta UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Nali (**)Nali UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Nali Cow (**)Nali Cow UnrealShare.nlt, UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Nali Priest (**)Nali Priest UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Nali Rabbit (**)Nali Rabbit UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Nalicopter (**)Nalicopter UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Pack Hunter (**)Pack Hunter UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Predator (**)Predator UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Pupae (**)Pupae UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Queen (**)Queen UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Skaarj (**)Skaarj UDSDemo.nlt, UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Skaarj Assassin (**)Skaarj Assassin UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Skaarj Berserker (**)Skaarj Berserker UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Skaarj Gunner (**)Skaarj Gunner UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Skaarj Infentry (**)Skaarj Infantry UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Skaarj Lord (**)Skaarj Lord UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Skaarj Officer (**)Skaarj Officer UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Skaarj Scout (**)Skaarj Scout UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Skaarj Sniper (**)Skaarj Sniper UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Skaarj Warrior (**)Skaarj Warrior UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Slith (**)Slith UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Spinner (**)Spinner UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Squid (**)Squid UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Stone Titan (**)Stone Titan UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Tentacle (**)Tentacle UnrealShare.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Titan (**)Titan UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
UMS Arctic Marine (**)UMS Arctic Marine UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
UMS Desert Marine (**)UMS Desert Marine UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
UMS Jungle Marine (**)UMS Jungle Marine UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
UMS Space Marine (**)UMS Space Marine UPak.nlt [Empty] [Empty]
Warlord (**)Warlord UnrealI.nlt [Empty] [Empty]


Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Chainsaw Melee Kettingzaag Melee Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
FatBoy dikke jongen Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
Flak Cannon Arena Flak kanon Arena Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
Impact Hammer Arena Slaghamer Arena Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
InstaGib InstaGib Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
Instant Rockets Instant Rockets raketten Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
Jump Match Springwedstrijd Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
Low Gravity Lage zwaartekracht Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
Minigun Arena Minigun-arena Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
No Powerups Geen power-ups Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
No Redeemer Geen Verlosser Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
Old Weapons Oude Wapens SetupUnrealPatch.nlt, OldWeapons.nlt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal/RTNP only
Pulse Arena Pulse Arena Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
Relic: Defense RelikwieVerdediging Relics.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
Relic: Redemption RelikwieVerlossing Relics.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
Relic: Regeneration RelikwieRegeneratie Relics.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
Relic: Speed Relikwie Snelheid Relics.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
Relic: Strength RelikwieKracht Relics.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
Relic: Vengeance Relikwie Wraak Relics.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
Rocket Launcher Arena Raketwerper Arena Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
RTNP Multiplayer Fix RTMP Multiplayer-oplossing SetupUnrealPatch.nlt, UPakFix.nlt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP only
Shock Rifle Arena SchokGeweerArena Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
Sniper Rifle Arena Scherpschuttersgeweer-Arena Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
Stealth heimelijkheid Botpack.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
Team Beacon Teambaken De.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
Volatile Ammo Vluchtige Munitie De.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only
Volatile Weapon Vluchtig Wapen De.nlt [Empty] [Empty] UT only