UED2.1 Release Notes

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Unreal v227 Release Notes
v227a and v227bv227cv227dv227ev227fv227gv227hv227iv227jUED 2.1

As some of you maybe know, 227 contains UED2.1 - many fixes have been made, improvements were added, 227 features included and some missing functions out of UED1 have been reintroduced, it was about time to give it a name.

Still I'm curious if there are some things you are missing in UED or if you are aware about some bugs which need to be fixed yet. Of course its not possible to add every wish, but maybe some things can be still realized.

Here is a list of whats fixed and new in UED2.1:


  1. Fixed crashed when using MyLevel
  2. Fixed crashed when closing it
  3. Fixed group browser checkbox was inverted
  4. Fixed after loading a script with longer name, you can't load another script with the same first letter(s) in name
  5. Fixed OpenGL selection problems and S3TC support
  6. Fixed select surfaces by group
  7. Fixed for red selection brush and movers can't be seen through walls in OpenGL
  8. Fixed Tooltips not working
  9. Fixed D3D does not show Zoning or BSPCuts
  10. Fixed Framecount in Meshviewer
  11. Fixed can't delete Textures
  12. changed a crash to a warning message which happens in some rare occasions with tesselated cubes. See: http://www.oldunreal.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1251918599
  13. Fixed crash when selecting "Export" in Texture Browser while no Texture is selected.
  14. Fixed water/iced/scripted textures not working with DXT textures (not directly UED related but important for mapping maybe)
  15. Fixed changes in Texture properties not automatically visible when using OpenGL or D3D8/9
  16. Fixed crash on exit when using Menu->File->Exit
  17. Fixed Replace Texture tool can't be re-opened anymore after one time usage.
  18. Fixed 2D Shape Editor. For buttons: Revolved Shape, Extruded Shape, Extrude to Point, Extrude to Bevel not accessible anymore after closing, fixed shape vanishing after moving with right mouse button pressed over window borders. Also fixed "Extude" typo for to Point and to Bevel
  19. Fixed bug which caused random shadows appear in a map when using BrightCorners a lot.
  20. Fixed display of fonts in TextureBrowser by group selection
  21. Fixed selection in D3D9. Thx to SMPDev (UTGLR) for this update.
  22. Fixed that a couple of windows were blocking UED2 entirely if closing them with "x" (close button) in the right upper corner
  23. Fixed context menu -> View -> Show Coordinates to show current camera position
  24. Fixed context menu -> View -> Show Backdrop to really show skyboxes without actually being in realtime mode.
  25. Fixed BSP building to reduce the number of BSP holes very much.
  26. Fixed crash with brush builders after map import.
  27. Fixed crash when trying to view Upak.RL3RD mesh in the mesh browser.
  28. Fixed exporting Fire/Water/Ice Textures crashes UED. Now exporting a stillshot.
  29. Fixed "Export to PCX..." only accepts now non DXT Textures instead exporting a 0x0 sized invalid texture/file.
  30. Fixed "Reset Pivot" to really reset it when pressed and not later when Brush is reselected.
  31. Fixed Surface Properties and Build Properties pages are not refreshed after hiding/closing.
  32. Fixed clip brush causing slight imprecision in coordinates (float accuracy problems).
  33. Fixed snapped brush scaling sometimes not snapping anymore with changed pivot
  34. Fixed snapped brush scaling overflow when scaling "smaller than possible"
  35. Fixed actors visible in level through wall when used in skybox (and not only in fakebackdrop)
  36. Fixed "Save Brush as" / "Open Brush" (NOT import/export) function. Stores position of the brush as well as texture information.
  37. Fixed StaticMesh behavior in front of FakeBackdrop surfaces (Z issue).
  38. Fixed RightMouseButton on Surface -> Reset (was entirely nonfunctional in UED2 and 2.1, UT and Unreal version).
  39. Fixed 2DShapeEditor shows the selected GridSize in Menu.
  40. Fixed importing sounds didn't accept spaces in pathname.
  41. Fixed "Replace with..." was setting bRemoteOwned flag causing some actors behaving strange.
  42. Fixed import for 32bpp pcx, crashed before (but still suggest using bmp instead for that).
  43. Fixed "Select Inside" was selecting static mesh movers outside.
  44. Fixed brush clipping resulted sometimes in brushes with vertex rounding errors.
  45. Fixed undo to work with vertex editing.
  46. Fixed order of how things are build when doing "Build all", which seems to make a significant difference in reducing holes.
  47. Fixed Transform permanently to keep U/V mapping perfectly intact


  1. Added "OpenGL" , "Direct3D8" and "Direct3D9" into selection menu for rendering devices(Please note that selecting is only working correctly in SoftDrv,OpenGL and D3D9, while some buggy ATI drivers don't even work with OpenGL too, but still it can be used to have a look how things look in game then)
  2. Added to new menu items in context menu (Right Mouse Button): Align to wall around X axis and Align to wall around Y axis to fix alignment problems like in: http://www.oldunreal.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1249683850
  3. Added missing "Texture Browser" to view menu
  4. Added EAX ambient presets for use with OpenAL (already known out of the OMP package)
  5. Added a new option into Editor section of Unreal ini. FreeMeshView: when enabled you can fly around in mesh viewer the same way like in 3D view (no fixed positioning anymore)
  6. Added a "remove script" function to classes browser and changed this HIGHLY ANNOYING behavior that it shrinks the menu down to "actor" when adding a new class. It now stays where the new class was added.
  7. implemented DXT3/DXT5 support and the necessary import additions. Any format can be chosen during import directly in UED now. Needs 32bpp bmp.
  8. implemented AlphaBlending for DXT3/5 based textures. Can be used instead of simple masking and is selected with a new checkbox during import.
  9. Added support and preview for native emitter usage and STY_AlphaBlend so you can make f.e. fade in / fade out on emitter effects such as smoke. Also contains a weather emitter for rain and snow and many more things.
  10. Added support and preview for skeletal meshes, show naming of bones, bonescaling and much more
  11. Added "Do you really want to compile all scripts?" dialog to avoid recompiling everything (which needs a lot of time) when clicking "Compile All" in class editor by accident
  12. Added functionality for surface flag "Environment" on BSP surfaces to add an environment mapped texture overlay on the surface.
  13. Added a new actor called "FluidSurfaceInfo" for creating a wavy water mesh for water surface.
  14. Added a Texture property 'PaletteTransform' to allow change palette color range to that desired color (useful for changing FireTexture color instead of having to import some dummy palette texture).
  15. Added a new actor flag "bWorldGeometry" to make actor be threated as part of world geometry (block visibility sight and stop explosion radius etc...).
  16. Added Select All Actors and Select Inside Actors buttons. These buttons were already available in UED1 but disappeared in UED2 for unknown reason.
  17. out of UED1 re-integrated "Small Diagonal" and Big Diagonal" to rotation.
  18. Added to UED2 the brush manipulation buttons known from UED1: Sheer, Scale and Stretch (while the in UED2 already existing Scale button was in UED1 "SnapScale" and to explain its function correctly it is renamed now accordingly like in UED1).
  19. Added AllTexturesInUse Button for TextureBrowser which makes the Browser show only the textures of a package which are used in a map .
  20. Added Next Frame and Previous Frame buttons in MeshBrowser to browse through the mesh frame by frame.
  21. Added DDS import with and without mipmaps.
  22. Added for Meshes on right mouse button dialog "Add ... here" functionality.
  23. Added support for static Meshes.
  24. Added support for Export/Import of static Meshes or mesh frames.
  25. Added support for renaming meshes.
  26. Added UED1 feature for disabling Grid and custom Grid size.
  27. Added support for mesh movers into right mouse button menu of the mover button.
  28. Added support for opening and saving of static mesh packages.
  29. Added open/save buttons for opening and saving static mesh packages (.usm).
  30. Added ability to import Meshes from .obj (WaveFront) files.
  31. Added support for fog fade in times.
  32. Added a bool for bAlwaysRender, should finally fix any mesh disappearing especially with huge static meshes for terrains in maps. Can decrease performance significantly if overused.
  33. Added missing Load/Save Package button in MeshBrowser.
  34. Added Load Entire Package button in Texture, Sound and MeshBrowser
  35. Added "Lighting only" mode for 3D viewport.
  36. Added "Export to bmp" which can export DXT Textures as 24bpp bmp as well.
  37. Added "Are you sure you want to save new filesize kb, old filesize kb)" to save dialog to see and avoid map/package corruption if new filesize is smaller than old.
  38. Added EXPORTFONT/IMPORTFONT commandlet for fontworks,available in command (log) window
  39. Updated map T3D exporter to write less redundant data.
  40. Updated T3D importer to load up necessary texture packages used by BSP rather than slapping default-texture all over them (if not currently loaded on editor).
  41. Added to map rebuilder to cleanup small map errors that might been caused from copy/pasting/undo/redo to avoid editor from freezing during build.
  42. Added whenever a package/map is saved in editor it asks if you are sure that you want to overwrite old version if new one is smaller in filesize.
  43. Added export and batchexport for vertex meshes
  44. Added whenever package/map saving failed, it pops up a window rather than showing it in log only.
  45. Added render device selection menu for TextureBrowser and MeshBrowser. Most people didn't know that it could be set up in Unreal.ini with "WindowedRenderDevice". Softdrv is in many cases not sufficient (like AlphaBlend Textures or for StaticMeshes) to display everything correctly and now it can be easily switched between SoftDrv/D3D9 and OpenGL during runtime.
  46. Moved parts of path building code from hardcoded C++ codes into UnrealScript, that includes the special paths for LiftExit/LiftCenter/Teleporter/InventorySpot etc...
  47. Added 2 variables to NavigationPoint; ForcedPathSize and MaxPathDistance. ForcedPathSize will be the path "size" when using "ForcedPaths" list, so that mappers can limit smaller pawns to use them. MaxPathDistance is the maximum distance the pathnode will seek for path around itself.
  48. Added a reset button for the brush builders.
  49. Added real-time preview (for selected pathnodes) so that you can see how pathnodes will be bound with each other (it also draws a cylinder around selected pathnode so that you can see how far it can bind).
  50. Added modified 227 JumpPad's to draw a yellow line preview of the throw trajectory. Also modified so AI paths won't get bound reverse up the jump pad path.
  51. Added render device selection menu for TextureBrowser and MeshBrowser. Most people didn't know that it could be set up in Unreal.ini with "WindowedRenderDevice". Softdrv is in many cases not sufficient (like AlphaBlend Textures or for StaticMeshes) to display everything correctly and now it can be easily switched between SoftDrv/D3D9 and OpenGL during runtime.
  52. Added 2DShapeEditor GridSize 128/256, asks to save when creating or opening new shape.
  53. Added Modified light actor icons to be rendered in editor in the color of their light source (to show a small preview of their light color like in UE2+).
  54. Added for meshes an option "ShadowMesh" which is used for computing shadows instead of the original mesh, so it is possible use specific meshes for more detailed shadows (useful for trees for example).
  55. Added auto disable realtime preview when test playing map.
  56. Added confirmation, asks to save when opening/loading from MRU/ exiting UED and a map with unsaved changes is still open. Also added "Cancel" to those dialog windows.
  57. Added bDarkLight option for lights, which removes light instead making it.
  58. Added "Align Viewport Cameras to 3D viewport" as right mouse button menu selection and button on the left side (misc section)
  59. Added "Rebuild BSP only", so people can build Maps like in UED1 with every step separately if wanted.
  60. Added "Batchexport to BMP from Package" and "Batchexport to PCX from Package" for textures
  61. Added "Batchexport to WAV from Package" for sounds
  62. Added for ActorBrowser "Find..." which prints out the location of a class (example "Inventory Pickup Health" for Bandages). Should safe some time especially if digging for some class in unknown mod packages. Also selects the class found, for use in ClassEditor or to place into map, but does not expand it in the browser itself.
  63. Added editor option (AlwaysPermanentBrush=True/False) to always transform all brushes permanently every time you scale or rotate them (pretty much like in UnrealEd 3+) to minimize floating point transformation imprecision in BSP.
  64. Added export for all classes in MyLevel
  65. Added a switch to disable "Are you sure you want to save new filesize kb, old filesize kb)" save dialog. [Editor.EditorEngine] AskSave=True
  66. Added RightMouseButton on Surface -> Tessellate Surface (3D view surface context menu)

I hope I have all the important things. Note that some functions are specifically 227 dependent and maybe "ripped out of the context" a bit. See full release [227 Release notes] for more information and in which version the changes were implemented.