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Unreal v227 Release Notes
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OldUnreal Unreal Patch Version 227

This patch was created to offer all Unreal players a new, completely overhauled and fixed version for our old "love". Although the main target was bug-fixing, many improvements have been made, and a lot of additions found their way into this new version. The general gameplay and the game itself were not modified and should remain 100% compatible with old mods and maps. It is possible to join older servers with this version (provided these servers do not use an anti-cheat system which doesn't recognize 227 yet). 227 can be used as Server for older Clients, such as 224, 225 and Unreal Gold.

New graphic renderers (all based on UTGLR with permission), such as D3D8, D3D9, and two heavily improved versions of OpenGL have been added, as well as new sound devices like OpenAL and SwFMod. Legacy devices, such as D3D, MeTaL and Glide renderers, as well as Galaxy for sound have been kept for compatibility reasons.

Many security fixes have been implemented for both clients and servers. A new check has been built-in to detect hacks, bots and other cheats.

There’s also a Linux port available, with input and display support via SDL2Drv, and hardware-accelerated rendering with OpenGL for graphic output. It supports OpenAL and SwFMOD for sound and music. This version is completely native and can run Unreal as client and server. Although advanced options are not available, every setting can be adjusted by editing UnrealLinux.ini, and the game is fully functional. No UnrealEd support exists or is currently planned, as it would require rewriting the editor from scratch. It mostly works through Wine, but is currently unusable due to several bugs. Due to legal reasons, Linux users have to install the basic version and the patch with Wine, but once the installation is complete, the game fully and natively works under Linux.

Almost all other additions are entirely optional. They don't interfere with older versions and may be toggled on and off in future maps and mods. The choice to use them or not is up to the community. This ensures the game remains the way we all know and love it, just "fixed", and, for those who want, improved and enhanced.

The current v227j patch can be applied on any existing Unreal version, including base Unreal, Unreal Gold and Unreal Anthology, as well as previous versions of this patch (v227a-i). The installer may not always find the correct path to your Unreal installation, so make sure to correct it manually. Note: unless specified, it will not add the "Return to Na Pali" mission pack to the base version.

Due to its massive scope, despite all code updates, fixes to provide support for modern OS, 64-Bit functionality and safety, the 227j patch may contain errors. We invite everybody to try it out and give us feedback on the changes, code updates and fixes.

The release notes are very long (therefore, they’re available in a separate entry, we provide solely this version’s TL;DR version), but we’ll give you a short overview: Windows 10/11 support (32-bit and 64-bit), Linux support (32-bit and 64-bit), Linux ARM (Cortex-A72 64Bit like RasPi)) support, a completely new future-proof renderer (XOpenGL) with new features, as well as many new functions and improvements in UnrealEd 2.2.

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Special Thanks & Credits

See the U1 v227 manual page for the credits.

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