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OldUnreal v227 Release Notes
v227a and v227bv227cv227dv227ev227fv227gv227hv227i227j beta 1UED 2.1

Release dates

  • April 05, 2008


  • Fixed: Slithprojectile not vanishing on dedicated servers.
  • Fixed: Spawning many Skaarj Player Bots may crash Unreal.
  • Fixed: Server wandering port - essential fix for server admin.
  • Fixed: DmRetrospective not showing gibs.
  • Fixed: Inventory HUD bug, charge being drawn from one side to another.
  • Fixed: Quadshot pickup sound and switch to other weapon if 0 ammo. Not being able to select/deselect when 0 ammo but still ammo loaded in the barrels, size adjusted.
  • Fixed: Black screen bug caused by division by 0, an obscure bug, will help a few mods.
  • Fixed: Client not directly connecting after downloading a map.
  • Added: Changed console behavior to display messages without calling it once first.
  • Added: Translator message for hints.