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Infobox templates
Class Infobox

An infobox for the Oldunreal Localization Project. It's used on the general language pages.


If |isIndex=Yes, then the language's categories aren't added to the bottom of the file.

Example of use:


Oldunreal Localization Project
Unreal: EnglishGermanFrenchSpanishItalianRussianPolishPortugueseHungarianCzechSwedishCatalanDutchNorwegian
Unreal Tournament: EnglishGermanFrenchSpanishItalianRussianPolishPortugueseHungarianCzechSwedishCatalanDutchNorwegian
Guidelines: EnglishGermanFrenchSpanishItalianRussianPolishPortugueseHungarianCzechSwedishCatalanDutchNorwegian
German localization
Game Unreal
Status 149/151