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Dutch localization
Game Unreal
Status 0/179

For the Unreal Tournament translation, go here. Be aware that some files are shared between translations, most of the time without any difference between them. Files with a shared filename which need a separate translation are placed in separate sections in the same file. (See Engine.nlt for an example.)

See also Language Guidelines and the Dutch-specifics page for common namings and things to bear in mind when editing this translation.

PatchFile 227

Shared files

These files are shared between Unreal/RTNP/Unreal Gold and Unreal Tournament.

Other important files


Includes v227j additions.

Return to Na Pali

Fusion MapPack

Division MapPack

Since v227j has support for these levels (namely, if they're located in the Unreal installation, they'll display levelshots when picked up), we might as well go all-in and add .int support for these maps.