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Unreal Tournament: 

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Swedish localization
Game Unreal Tournament
Status 13/153

For the Unreal translation, go here. Be aware that some files are shared between translations, most of the time without any difference between them. Files with a shared filename which need a separate translation are placed in separate sections in the same file. (See Engine.int for an example.)

See also Language Guidelines and the language-specifics page for common namings and things to bear in mind when editing this translation.

PatchFile v469

Shared files

These files are shared between Unreal/RTNP/Unreal Gold and Unreal Tournament.

Other important files


GOTY/Bonus Packs 1-3 Edition additions

Bonus Pack 4

Rocket Arena: UT

Content related to the GOTY and v1.60 versions.

Chaos UT