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The UTranslocator is introduced by Unreal 227. It is not present in the game but can be included in maps specifically designed to be played in Unreal 227. The UTranslocator is a small module that is thrown. When activated, the player is teleported to the location of the teleporter. Once picked up, the Utranslocator has one munition which is used over and over again, and cannot run out of ammo: you cannot lose the Utranslocator except by dropping it.

Weapon: UTranslocator
Weapon Class: Unrealshare.Utranslocator
Ammo: N/A
Ammo class: N/A
Amplifier affection: N/A
Max ammo: 1, which is infinite
Damage: N/A
Alt damage: N/A
Weapon slot: 0

The fire button throws the module if it is present in the player's hand. If the module has already been thrown, the normal fire button retrieve the module by teleportingit back into the player's hand. The alt-fire button teleports the player to the location of the module if it has been thrown. If the module is still in the player's hand and the alt-fire button is pressed, the player's character will flip you off.

The module can be thrown at someone. If the player tries to teleport under a teammate, the translocation will be cancelled. If the player tries to teleport under a monster or an enemy player, that enemy will be telefragged. This is fun and all but your clothes will be covered with various bloody bits of the enemy - which is cool in itself. Wash clothes at maximal temperature for optimal removal of blood and guts.