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Base Topics

RealCTF introduction

RealCTF is a modification for Unreal. This means that the main game is still Unreal, but the behaviour of the game is different.

CTF stands for Capture The Flag.

There are 2 teams (red and blue) having a base with a flag of their color inside. The goal of the game is to infiltrate the base of the enemy team, steal the enemy flag and bring it home to your own flag. Once a team accomplishes this it is awarded a "capture" and the enemy flag will respawn where it started for another round...

So this is a team game requiring tactics, skill, thought and knowledge about the terrain. Scoring kills is secondary and you will not win the game by killing a lot of enemies, the game is won by the team who scored the most "captures".

RealCTF original completion

RealCTF was developed by Squirrelsoftware. Development has finished and Squirrelsoftware is working on other projects which are no longer related to Unreal classic.

The last release was Version 1.0 build 55.

It says there is a build 56 on the RealCTF site?? Yes :( but it doesn't appear to be anywhere, and all downloads to be found are all build 55. mouse from Squirrelsoftware didn't seem to remember, either.

A copy of the originalRealCTF web site by Squirrelsoftware can be found here: but please keep in mind that the site is no longer updated, but still you find all details you ever wanted to know :-)

RealCTF latest developments

RealCTF was completed, and the number of existing servers - although fans existed - was totally sad. The maximum number of total servers for RealCTF was 1 or 0 most of the time.

Also, RealCTF differed in a way from "normal" CTF games which on the one side was found great by the true fans, but on the other hand discouraged CTF players from other games to try it.

In the hopes to make RealCTF a true competitor to other CTF games, a patch was written by }TCP{Wolf to fix a few things, add some features and generally enhance gameplay. All details about the RealCTF-C patch can be found in the advanced section, or just click on this link: RealCTF-C Details

You will also find all maps and other important files right here on this page at the downloads.

RealCTF Downloads and Files

Essential Files (Unreal CTF Version 1.0 build 55)

[ (332k)] - basic code (mod itself)
[ (420k)] - complete help file
[ (11MB)] - Media files, grafiks... [ (25 MB)] -this file includes ALL of the 4 files listed to the left...
[ (13MB)] - Map Pack 1

Extra Maps Thanx to Fox Leader, we now have a first set of Unreal Tournament CTF maps converted for RealCTF. GET IT!! [ (45MB)]

More Maps, Files and Mirrors... Want more files? Need more mirrors? Here you go: MAPS at oldunreal (FAST)

RealCTF Documentation

The full documentation is the file which can be found right above in the downloads.