Ithaca Stakeout (12 Gauge)

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Ithaca Stakeout Riot Shotgun


The Ithaca Stakeout is a very short and handy 12-gauge shotgun, ideal for concealment beneath trenchcoats or stowed in other confined spaces. Packing 4 3" Magnum loads, it posesses brutal recoil, but offers unsurpassed takedown for it's size.

The Ithaca is your basic pump-action shotgun. It's most certainly not a delicate or finesseful weapon, but in close quarters it gets the job done like nothing else. At point-blank range, the buckshot has not yet spread significantly, resulting in one massive hole that tends to be instantly lethal. The further downrange you go, however, the wider the pattern becomes, and peripheral hits by one or two pellets do not do significant damage. The Ithaca is a bit slow to get into action - the phenominal recoil and the pump action together prevent a fast second shot, and the tube magazine must be reloaded one shell at a time. Still, if you're up close, a 12-gauge is hard to beat - it's quite possible to slay your foe before he even has a chance to retaliate.

12 Gauge Shotgun Shell

Metric Dimensions: 18.5x70mm

Bullet Weight: 540 Grains of 00 Buckshot

Bullet Velocity: 1325 Feet Per Second

Total kinetic energy at the muzzle: 2106 foot pounds

Relative Stopping Power (RSP) index: NA

Marshall's One Shot Stop percentage: 89%

Serpentine Damage Factor: 15x9=135

The shotgun shell differs greatly from conventional firearms, in that it throws 15 individual projectiles per shot. The "bullet weight" listed here is the total sum. At close range, where all projectiles strike the same target, this provides a massively lethal wound. However, as the range increases and the pattern of buckshot spreads, the effectiveness of the round goes downhill rapidly.



Three 12-gauge shells 3 three-inch Magnum 00 Buck shells. Not quite enough to paint the town red, but still well worth picking up - especially in light of how often a good blast to the chest at point blank range proves to be a fight-stopper.


This is a box of 15 shells - Work it out, that's almost 4 full reloads for the Ithaca. But stay calm, you'll still need to keep your focus and place your shots, even if you have ammo to waste. Remember the Ithaca takes *so* damn much time to get pulled back down again for a second shot.