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Dialog Parameters are all the informations which can be added to nodes in a dialog file to describe the conversation. The complete list of parameters and the type of value to be specified can be seen in the Properties.txt file stored in your Unreal2\Dialog file.

Parameter name Parameter format Parameter effect
Conversation heading Name of the conversations stored in this file. Only to be added to the [Root] node. If you are using the Dialog Editor, these are created automatically and should not be added by hand.
ShortText text Title of this node. This is the text displayed on the HUD as a dialog option when several choices are possible. Only useful for the Player.
LongText text Text written at the bottom of the screen when the character speaks. This is the actual subtitle system used in the game.
Controller heading
AudioDuration time in seconds
SoundFile Package.File Location of the sound file used for the character's speech. The files are stored as .ogg files in the Unreal2\Voice folder or in UTX files. By adding ",Player" at the end of this parameter, the sound will be emitter by the player, at full volume and independently of the player's position (for narrators, player lines and radiotransmitted communication for example).
Speaker string Name of the speaker. Must be linked to the Speaker filed in a characters AI=>Speaker field in the map. Player is a hardcoded speaker which is linked to the player's character.
PreDelay time in seconds Defaults to 0. Number of seconds the character will wait after someone spoke before uttering his own lines.
Delay time in seconds
PostDelay time in seconds Defaults to 0. Number of seconds the character will wait before anyone can speak after him.
Priority integer
Mood float
Tone Casual/formal/command
ChangeTone Casual/formal/command
SpokenMax integer How many time can this node be played. If not included, defaults to 1. If set to 0, is infinite.
EndDialog True/False
Enabled True/False Sets whether the node is enabled or not. If not included in the node, defaults to true.
HideChoices True/False If not included, defaults to false. If set to true, the player will not have to input his choice for the next part of the conversation. If false, the next lines will appear on the left-side of the screen and the player will be able to choose his answer (even if only one line is possible). Only useful when Speaker is Player.
UseBookmark True/False
LipSync True/False
TalkRadius float Maximum distance between the characters before the conversation is interrupted.
Attitude LIke/Impartial/Dislike
TurnToSpeaker True/False Defaults to True: the character turns to the player to speak. If set to false, the character will not change his position while talking (such as Ne'Ban while he is driving the Atlantis).
Condition string
Sattelite sattelite, speaker, delay Head-Tracking parameter. Not much known so far. Possibly related to Golem satellites (as in rotating satellite dishes?) To be tested.
ChangeMood amount, speaker
Animation animation, speaker, delay Forces the NPC to play an animation. To be tested.
Event event, speaker, delay Allows the triggering of an event at some point during the node. Event is the name of the event sent. Speaker is the name of the instigator. Delay is the percentage of the node at which the event is sent. By default, the delay is 0 and the event is sent the moment the node begins. A value like Event=OpenDoor,,50 sends the OpenDoor event without any instigator after 50% of the node has passed. Very high values (superior to 90) are unreliable.
ExitEvent event, speaker Same as Event, but only sends the event after the last line of the conversation (not the node) is finished. Very reliable.
EnableNode NodeName Enables a node previously set to Enabled=False.
DisableNode NodeName Disables a node previously set to Enabled=True.
EnableNodeOnExit NodeName Enables a previously disabled node once the conversation (not the node) is over.
DisableNodeOnExit NodeName Disables a previously enabled node once the conversation (not the node) is over.
PauseNPC speaker, delay
UnPauseNPC speaker, delay
NextNode NodeName Next node to play in the conversation. The next node is automatically launched if the Speaker is not Player. If the Speaker is player, the next node is played automatically if HideChoices is set to True, or will otherwise present the next node as a dialog options. Several options can be presented to the player if a node as several next nodes specified.
AbortNode NodeName, speaker, ending
ResumeNode NodeName, speaker, ending

All nodes are still not documented. It is known that some functions have never been finished and/or included in the game, including the possibility for NPCs to remember when they were interrupted and to change their mood accordingly. All parameters linked to such things may be absolutely non-working.

In addition to these documented parameters, the code shows that there exists more parameters:

EndingFocus Tag or name? Actor the character will look at when the conversation is over. This parameter is used in the dialog files, but is always devoid of target, which is supposed to have the character remain focused on whatever he was focused before. To be tested.
SubtitleRadius float Maximum distance from the conversation where the subtitles of the dialog are displayed on the player's HUD, when the player is not a member of the conversation (two NPCs talking). To be tested.
SoundSourceActor Tag or name? Actor from which the voice is spoken. Defaults to the Speaker of the node. To be tested.
SpokenCount ??? Supposedly, the number of time this node has been played.
Volume float Volume of the sound of the voice or soundfile. To be tested.

There are still other parameters. Extensive testing will be needed.