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My name is Luciano, I'm 33 years old, from Argentina, playing Unreal since I was 17, though I'm mostly interested in level design (I'm actually a level designer in another, non-UE game, called OpenArena) and fan-related stuff such as lore. I don't have much interest in competitive gaming, though my skill level is nearly Adept in the scale from Novice to Godlike.

Former editor of the Liandri Archives, now full-time (?) organizer of Unreal Wiki. In OldU I take care of the Spanish translation, trying to make it, if not the best, the less sucky translation of the entire Unreal series. Considering the track record of the series, this shouldn't be a hard task.

Which Unreal game I like? ALL OF THEM.

Also a troper. (?) BEWARE: Time-sucking site. Enter at your own risk.

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