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The Vegetation Generator spawns plant meshes around it at the beginning of the game to populate an area. A number of plants can be added to its list, the number and intensity of meshes specified, and various effect set up. On startup, the generator spawns random meshes from the list around itself at random locations and is then destroyed. It allows the designer to populate an area without adding each plant by hand. It slows down the launching of the map, however, and the plants are randomly spawned and connit be precisely controlled.


The properties of the Vegetation Generator are divided into two main parts : the properties of the Vegetation Generator's own properties, as seen under UIVegetationGenerator, and the parameters for each plant added to the list in UIVegetationGenerator=>Plants. Up to 16 plants can be added and given specific parameters. Plants must be subclasses of the UIFlora class under Decoration. UIFlora actors are plants that make noise when stepped on.

Vegetation Generator Properties

  • EffectArea: where the plants are spawned around the UIVegetationGenerator actor.
  • NumberOfErrors:Number of meshes that can be spawned outside geometry.
  • NumPlants: Number of plants to chose in the list.
  • Plants: List of plants to spawn, and their specific parameters. See below.
  • SelectionMethod: Determines how plants are chosen. If set to SELECT_Linear, the generator will pick one plant from Plant1, then one from Plant2, and run down the list until it reaches the maximum number of plants it has to spawn. If set to SELECT_Random, the generator will randomly pick plants in the list.
  • VegetationIntensity: This determines the number of plants to spawn per plant chosen in the list.

To determine the number of plants actually spawned, two values are important : NumPlants and VegetationIntensity. Simply put, NumPlants decides how many plants are chosen in the list, and VegetationIntensity decides how many of each selected plant is spawned. If NumPlants is 1 and VegetationIntensity is 5, the generator will spawn 5 plants of the type chosen by the generator (if SelectionMethod is SELECT_Linear, this means 5 plants of the [0] type).

If you have NumPlants = 3 and VegetationIntensity = 10, the generator will spawn 3*10=30 plants, equally distributed between plant types [0], [1] and [2] (again, assuming SelectionMethod is SELECT_Liner), even if you have specified 7 different types of plants.

Plants Properties

Each plant can have specific properties determined in the Plants list.

An area populated with plant meshes spawned by an UIVegetationGenerator