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Items fall more or less into four categories: stuff you use to see, stuff you use not to be seen, stuff to go move around and stuff to blow up whatever you have seen.

Flares Flashlight Search Light
  • Throw one of these and it will light a small area for a few seconds. Afterwards, or if you shoot it, it will explode, but cause no damage.
  • Lasts 10 seconds, but you can carry as many as you wish.
  • Class:UnrealShare.Flare
  • An average flashlight with new batteries. Can last for about 15 minutes. Once the batteries are half-discharged, it will gradually lose its power.
  • About a bit more than a minute. Picking up a new one replenishes its batteries.
  • Class:UnrealShare.Flashlight
  • A huge powerful search light; lasts about 25 times longer than the classic flashlight and has a larger radius. Found mostly at the end of the game, when there is no more light, and so is invaluable.
  • Lasts for a half-hour and replenishes its batteries if you pick up a new one.
  • Class:UnrealI.SearchLight
Translator Jump Boots SCUBA Gear
  • First item you will find in the game, allows you to read text in Alien language or unknown Human language in readable text.
  • Class:UnrealShare.Translator
  • A nice pair of boots. When activated, it uses a pneumatic device to amplify jumps made by the player. Formerly known for discharging itself even while not in use, it was fixed in 227 and now works properly.
  • Allows you to make 3 super jumps
  • Class:UnrealI.JumpBoots
  • A breathing mask and two bottles of breathable pressurized air. Auto-activates under water to allow you to breath. If deactivated under water, you will immediately start to drown. When its bottles are empty, the item dies and is lost. In Return to NaPali, the SCUBA Gear replenishes itself as soon as you pop your head out of water, and so does not die.
  • Contains about 2 minutes of fresh air.
  • Class:UnrealShare.SCUBAGear
Invisibility Dampener Voice Box
  • When activated, cloacks the user. It does not disguise sounds however, and Skaarjs have good hearing. Use it while walking or crouching to become undetectable.
  • Class:UnrealI.Invisibility
  • Acts as a silencer: makes whatever weapon you are using while it is activated much less noisy. Almost useless in single player, but quite fun in multiplayer games. Does not work with the RazorJack and the EightBall.
  • Lasts 20 seconds.
  • Class:UnrealI.Dampener
  • A funny item. When thrown, it makes as much weapon noise as if World War III was starting. Though supposed to lure enemies into traps, it does not seem to work and is therefore useless.
  • Starts playing 2 seconds after being used, lasts for 10 seconds.
  • Class:UnrealShare.VoiceBox
Forcefield Amplifier Power Up
  • A rather mysterious item. When activated, creates a cylindric purple funky forcefield for... Whatever you want. Can be used as a cover or as a makeshift platform.
  • Lasts for 10/15 seconds.
  • Class:UnrealI.ForceField
  • The ancestor of the DoubleDamage of Unreal Tournament: when activated, increases the power of the Dispersion Pistol and ASMD only, with each shot using charges. Activating this item and firing with other weapons does nothing and does not use charges.
  • 1000 charges.
  • Class:UnrealShare.Amplifier
  • When picked up, the Power Up will reinforce your Dispersion Pistol by activating its hidden capabilities and functions, eventually making it one of the most destructive weapons of the game, not just a weak weapon with infinite ammo to use as a light.
  • Can be collected 4 times. The various colours and damages can be found on the Dispersion Pistol page.
  • Class:UnrealShare.WeaponPowerUp