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Unreal v227 Manual
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Unreal v227 Manual
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227 comes with four maps using various features such as particle effects, jumpers, StaticMeshes, weather effects, the new weapons/items, etc. A new Entry map (EntryII) is also included which showcases some new effects and many cool ideas.

New maps





New/recovered weapons

Quadshot (Quad-Barreled Shotgun)

A quad-barreled shotgun. Fire shots four pellets in a straight path. Alternate fire charges the weapon up to four times and releases a stronger shot with a lot of recoil.


A teleporting device. Fire throws a translocation module. Alternate Fire teleports the user to this destination.


A deployable missile turret. Takes a while to deploy and arm (allowing the player to retrieve it), but upon arming, it launches up to 5 heat-seeking missiles. If any player is found by any of the missiles, they'll follow them.

New/recovered items

Minigun Sentry

A deployable turret that fires bullets at anything it sees.


A healing item that recovers 5 health points.

Woodruff School

A healing item that recovers 20 health points.