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This pages features links to sites about Unreal, by Unreal fans, with Unreal-related content or guides for the game. Feel free to suggest a link here or on the OldUnreal forums, or add it yourself!

Professional Websites

Essential Unreal sites

  • BritishFlag.png The Liandri Archives: Wiki on the Unreal universe.
  • BritishFlag.png Unreal Wiki: Another Wiki on the Unreal universe.
  • BritishFlag.png Hyper.nl Unreal Services: The very well known and reliable Unreal page by Hyper.NL - news, many downloads, support, help, Unreal related topics. Active and very well maintained.
  • BritishFlag.png www.snipersparadise.net Home of mods like MonsterHunt Mod for Unreal, Assault and many more. Many downloads.
  • BritishFlag.png UnrealSP: The premier Unreal single player site, contains a lot of single player information, reviews and help. A must for any single or coop player.
  • BritishFlag.png UnrealTexture: Ultra-high quality S3TC Textures for Unreal and Unreal Tournament Maintained by DieHard SCWS.
  • BritishFlag.png zzora.altervista.org Zora's World, home of Nephthys and many other useful additions for Unreal.
  • BritishFlag.png Unrealarchives.com, was launched in February 2014 with the primary goal of keeping all user-built single player content for Unreal, RTNP and Unreal Tournament consistently accessible and downloadable to everyone. We hope that our existence will make a modest but valuable contribution to keeping the 15+ year old Unreal single player community alive for many more years.
  • BritishFlag.png Unrealarchive.org, an initiative to preserve and maintain the availability of the rich and vast history of user-created content for Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Unreal II: The Awakening and Unreal Tournament 2004.

Essential Unreal Tournament sites

Essential Unreal II sites

Tutorials and help

General Websites

  • BritishFlag.png Beyond Unreal: A large community for every Unreal game.
  • BritishFlag.png Unreal Playground: Home of an endless collection of maps and files for Unreal Tournament
  • BritishFlag.png UnrealSP Wiki: Comprehensive database of everything to do with Unreal Single Player Maps and Campaigns.

Fan Websites

  • BritishFlag.png Gatherstone Buster's Unreal Gold Site, hosted by Oldunreal. Dedicated to the level designers and players still enjoying the original PC game of Epic's fantastic Unreal series. Site contains links to Unreal 1 related files, including Unreal patches, editor tools, mods & scripts, custom maps and lots more. First launched: June 2005, latest update: July 2018.
  • BritishFlag.png Hooks' UT Place: Home of DIE-HARD UT99 Fans.
  • BritishFlag.png http://www.islandalien.com/unreal/: Jeff's maps for Unreal and Unreal Tournament.
  • BritishFlag.png Skaarj Valley: A forum about Coop and Unreal at large.
  • BritishFlag.png Redrum Deathmatches: Unreal Hardcore Infiltration.
  • BritishFlag.png TheMasternl: Links, downloads.
  • BritishFlag.png Unreal4fun: German fansite from FlowerPower.
  • BritishFlag.png Newbiesplayground: home of the -(DOG)-clan, File repository, Forum and more.