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Note: When there is no information for certain parameter(s), remove them from the template (see custom_sounds in the Example).

|level_name		=
|screenshot		=
|description		=
|author			=
|download		=
|map_type		=
|discussion_page	=
|custom_textures	=
|custom_music		=
|custom_sounds		=
|custom_creatures	=
|custom_weapons		=
|other_files		= 
|notes			=


|level_name		=User Map Example
|screenshot		=UserMapExampleScreenshot.jpg
|description		=Good map bla bla bla.
|author			=Nothingbettertodo9001
|download		=[http://www.oldunreal.com www.oldunreal.com]
|map_type		=DeathMatch
|discussion_page	=[http://www.oldunreal.com www.oldunreal.com]
|custom_textures	=TexurePack.utx, AnotherTexturePack.utx
|custom_music		=No
|custom_creatures	=No
|custom_weapons		=ThingsThatShoot.u
|other_files		=WorkingTriggerSound.u, MapConfig.ini
|notes			=Please read the Readme.txt file included with the download.


User Map Example
Screenshot Description
Good map bla bla bla.
Author: Nothingbettertodo9001 Download link(s): www.oldunreal.com
Map type: DeathMatch Link to discussion page(s): www.oldunreal.com
  • Custom textures: TexurePack.utx, AnotherTexturePack.utx
  • Custom music: No
  • Custom sounds: Unknown
  • Custom creatures: No
  • Custom weapons: ThingsThatShoot.u
  • Other files: WorkingTriggerSound.u, MapConfig.ini
Notes: Please read the Readme.txt file included with the download.