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Some of the content below is from the original Serpentine Homepage

Serpentine is a conversion for Unreal.

It centers around the concept of replacing the Unreal weapons with modern real-world firearms. It moves the emphasis of play off lightning reflexes and dodging, on to tactical thinking and guile. The goal was to create a more believable, more visceral deathmatch environment, and to bring back the kind of satisfying firepower that we miss from the days of Doom.

If you find normal Unreal to be too twitchy, or don't find the original weapons to be very satisfying, Serpentine may be just what you've been hoping for. On the other hand, if you're looking for arcade action and you enjoy being able to dodge and jump with inhuman agility, you likely won't enjoy Serpentine much; it was never intended to be for everyone.

All in all, Serpentine represents a serious effort to recapture the feeling of enjoyment that we get from recreational shooting, and to boil that experience down into a deathmatch format for our lan parties. In Serpenting there's a lot of fancy hardware that we only wish we could own, but they all share a common feel with the way our guns behave, and look, and sound.

So what are you waiting for? Go download it already. ;)




  • How do I reload?

Since Serpentine doesn't have a menu for that, you need to enter a command manually into console:

"set input X button bExtra3"

While "X" has to be replaced with the button you want. So if you want to use middle mousebutton f.e. then the command would be:

"set input middlemouse button bExtra3"