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|[[Items/Amplifier|Amplifier]] affection:
|[[Amplifier]] affection:
|Damage '''is not''' multiplied
|Damage '''is not''' multiplied

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Razorjack is not for beginners, since you can easily kill yourself with it. However, you can do headshots with it (^^). Can be first found in ISV Kran Deck 4. You can control alt projectile with mouse.

Weapon: Razorjack
Weapon Class: UnrealI.Razorjack
Ammo: Razor blades
Ammo class: UnrealI.RazorAmmo
Amplifier affection: Damage is not multiplied
Max ammo: 75
Damage: 30
Fire rate: 2.1 shots / second
Alt damage: 30
Alt fire rate: 2.1 shots / second
Weapon slot: 7