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Welcome to the OldUnreal Community. We are glad to welcome you and hope to see you on the servers and forums. The OldUnreal wiki aims at delivering accurate and clear information about Unreal, UnrealEd. Your help is welcome. This Community Page is designed to help you decide where your help is most needed and make this a better, more complete and nicer website. The first step in helping us all is to take a look at the needed articles or translations and to the the pages in need of help.


The Localization Project is well underway, and it now supports languages for Unreal Tournament: we need help for all languages except English (the entire team), French (Hellkeeper) and Spanish (Neon_Knight). If you are a native speaker in any of the supported languages, or know one, please take some time to help this project.


  • Mapping needs to be reworked : all the articles there are good, but the page could help a better organisation (read: prettier).
  • Scripting / Modding and Tutorials should be merged with the above and reorganized.
  • Dynamic_Zones is but a stub and needs more informations and more work. Similarly, Vegetation Generator is half-done : the Vegetation generator itself is described, but the properties of the Plants need to be listed and explained.
  • Dialog Parameters features many fields marked "To be tested". We need someone to actually do the tests and return the results.
  • Real CTF needs informations. Pitbull was supposed to take this matter in his hands, but he has not been able to do so.
  • The list of Monsters is almost blank and doesn't look like anything. Information about each monster is needed. Instead of a list of links to separate articles for each monsters, the page could be made into a set of small boxes for each monsters, just like it is for Items, Health Items and Armours. Even these could help some more work. Same treatment could be done to the Weapons, albeit in a different matter, as each weapon will require more space to have all its info given.
  • Unreal User Maps should be entirely reworked. Skywolf has started something with a dedicated template, FlowerPower and SweetFrog are the main ones involved there.


  • We could always use an actual Walkthrough of the game, with clear instructions and reasonably illustrated. Secrets, weapons and monsters. This is being tackled.
  • More links for Unreal, UT, UII or clans are always appreciated.