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Object=(Name=OldWeapons.OldMutator,Class=Class,MetaClass=Engine.Mutator,Description="OldMutator,Replace orginal Unreal weapon sounds with Unreal version 200 ones.")

DeathMessage="%o was killed by %k's %w. What a loser!"
PickupMessage="You got the Dispersion Pistol"
ItemName="Dispersion Pistol"

DeathMessage="%k inflicted mortal damage upon %o with the %w."
PickupMessage="You got the ASMD"

DeathMessage="%o was smacked down multiple times by %k's %w."
PickupMessage="You got the Eightball gun"

DeathMessage="%k put a bullet through %o's head."
PickupMessage="You got the Rifle"
ItemName="Sniper Rifle"

DeathMessage="%o was ripped to shreds by %k's %w."
PickupMessage="You got the Flak Cannon"
ItemName="Flak Cannon"

DeathMessage="%o got gatted by %k's %w."
PickupMessage="You got the AutoMag"

DeathMessage="%k's %w turned %o into a leaky piece of meat."
PickupMessage="You got the Minigun"

DeathMessage="%o drank a glass of %k's dripping green load."
PickupMessage="You got the GES BioRifle"
ItemName="GES Bio Rifle"

ExpireMessage="Amplifier is out of power."
PickupMessage="You got the Energy Amplifier"

DeathMessage="%o was perforated by %k's %w."
PickupMessage="You picked up the Stinger"

PickupMessage="You picked up 50 bullets"

PickupMessage="You got 8 Rifle rounds."

PickupMessage="You got the Dispersion Pistol Powerup"

PickupMessage="You picked up 10 Flak Shells"

DeathMessage="%k took a bloody chunk out of %o with the %w."
PickupMessage="You got the RazorJack"

PickupMessage="You picked up some ammo."

PickupMessage="You picked up an ASMD core."

PickupMessage="You picked up 40 Tarydium Shards"

PickupMessage="You picked up some Razor Blades"

PickupMessage="You picked up 25 Kilos of Tarydium Sludge"

PickupMessage="You picked up 12 Eightballs"

PickupMessage="You picked up a clip"

PickupMessage="You got a Rifle Round."

PickupMessage="You got a flak shell."