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"Advanced Options" Tree

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Advanced Options Options avancées Core.frt, Engine.frt Root.
Advanced Avancé Core.frt, Engine.frt
Drivers Pilotes Engine.frt Engine.Engine Category=Drivers
Game Settings Paramètres du jeu Engine.frt Engine.GameInfo
Decals Sprites Engine.frt Unreal Only
Audio Audio Engine.frt FMODAudioDrv.FMODAudioDevice
Rendering Rendu Engine.frt
Networking Réseau IpDrv.frt, UnrealI.frt, UnrealShare.frt UT Only
Game Types Modes de jeu UnrealI.frt, UnrealShare.frt, Botpack.frt Unreal Only
Editor Editeur Editor.frt
Display Affichage Engine.frt
Joystick Joystick Engine.frt

"Advanced" Tree

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Game Engine Settings Paramètres moteur Engine.frt Engine.GameEngine Category=Settings
Key Aliases Paramètres clavier Engine.frt Engine.Input Category=Aliases
Raw Key Bindings Raccourcis clavier bruts Engine.frt Engine.Input Category=RawKeys
File System Système de fichiers Core.frt Core.System

"Game Types" Tree

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Darkmatch Match noir UnrealI.frt UnrealI.DarkMatch Unreal Only
King of the Hill Roi de la colline UnrealI.frt UnrealI.KingOfTheHill Unreal Only
Coop Play Coopératif UnrealShare.frt UnrealShare.CoopGame Unreal Only
Deathmatch Combat à mort UnrealShare.frt UnrealShare.DeathmatchGame Unreal Only
Team Play Jeu en équipes UnrealShare.frt UnrealShare.TeamGame Unreal Only
Tournament Deathmatch Tournoi combat à mort Botpack.frt Botpack.DeathmatchPlus UT Only
Tournament Team Game Tournoi jeu en équipes Botpack.frt Botpack.TeamGamePlus UT Only
Capture The Flag Tournoi capture de drapeau Botpack.frt Botpack.CTFGame UT Only
Assault Assaut Botpack.frt Botpack.Assault UT Only
Domination Domination Botpack.frt Botpack.Domination UT Only
Last Man Standing Dernier survivant Botpack.frt Botpack.LastManStanding UT Only
Tournament Darkmatch Tournoi match noir Botpack.frt Botpack.TournamentDarkmatch UT Only

"Networking" Tree

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Public Server Information Informations publiques du serveur Engine.frt Engine.GameReplicationInfo
Map Lists Liste maps UnrealI.frt, UnrealShare.frt Unreal Only
TCP/IP Network Play Partie en réseau TCP/IP IpDrv.frt IpDrv.TcpNetDriver
Server Beacon Balise de serveur IpDrv.frt IpDrv.UdpBeacon
Master Server Uplink Liaison serveur principal IpServer.frt IpServer.UdpServerUplink
Channel Download Téléchargement Engine.frt Engine.ChannelDownload Unreal Only
Connection Notifications Notifications de connexion Engine.frt Engine.Gameinfo Category=Networking
Unreal Only
UBrowser UBrowser UBrowser.frt UBrowser.UBrowserMainClientWindow Unreal Only
Unreal Integrity Unreal Integrity UnrealIntegrity.frt UnrealIntegrity.frtegrityServer Unreal Only
Web Server Serveur web UWeb.frt(2), UWebAdmin.frt(1) UWeb.WebServer(2) (1) Unreal Only, (2) UT Only
Web-Based Remote Administration Administration à distance UTServerAdmin.frt UTServerAdmin.UTServerAdmin UT Only

"Web Server" Tree

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Web Manager Gestionnaire Web UWebAdmin.frt UWebAdmin.WebAdminManager Unreal Only
Web Connection Connexion Web UWebAdmin.frt UWebAdmin.WebServer Unreal Only
Sub Web Manager Sous-gestionnaire Web UWebAdmin.frt UWebAdmin.SubWebManager Unreal Only
Messaging Spectator Messages spectateurs UWebAdmin.frt UWebAdmin.MessagingSpectator Unreal Only

"Decals" Tree

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Blood Sang Engine.frt Unreal Only
Pawn Shadow Ombres des personnages Engine.frt Engine.PawnShadow Unreal Only
Decoration Shadow Ombres des décorations Engine.frt Engine.DecoShadow Unreal Only
Projectile Shadow Ombres des projectiles Engine.frt Engine.ProjectileShadow Unreal Only
Config Configuration UnrealShare.frt UnrealShare.Scorch Unreal Only

"Blood" Tree

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Server Serveur Engine.frt Engine.GameInfo Unreal Only.
Client Client UnrealShare.frt UnrealShare.UnrealBlood Unreal Only

"Editor" Tree

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Advanced Avancé Editor.frt Editor.EditorEngine Category=Advanced
Colors Couleurs Editor.frt Editor.EditorEngine Category=Colors
Grid Grille Editor.frt Editor.EditorEngine Category=Grid
Rotation Grid Grille de rotation Editor.frt Editor.EditorEngine Category=RotationGrid
AudioPackage Commandlet Commandes AudioPackage Editor.frt Editor.AudioPackageCommandlet Unreal Only
MusicPackages Commandlet Commandes MusicPackages Editor.frt Editor.MusicPackagesCommandlet Unreal Only

"Audio" Tree

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
OpenAL 3D Audio Support Support audio OpenAL 3D ALAudio.frt ALAudio.ALAudioSubsystem
FMOD 3D Audio Support Support audio FMOD 3D FMODAudioDrv.frt FMODAudioDrv.FMODAudioDevice Unreal Only
Galaxy 3D Audio Support Support audio Galaxy 3D Galaxy.frt Galaxy.GalaxyAudioSubsystem
Cluster 3D Audio Support Support audio Cluster 3D Cluster.frt Cluster.ClusterAudioSubsystem UT Only

"Rendering" Tree

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Direct3D 9 Support Support Direct3D 9 D3D9Drv.frt D3D9Drv.D3D9RenderDevice
Direct3D 7 Support Support Direct3D 7 D3DDrv.frt D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice
3dfx Glide Support Support 3dfx Glide GlideDrv.frt GlideDrv.GlideRenderDevice
S3 MeTaL Support Support S3 MeTaL MeTaLDrv.frt MeTaLDrv.MeTaLRenderDevice
OpenGL Support Support OpenGL OpenGLDrv.frt OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice
SDL OpenGL Support Support OpenGL SDL SDLGLDrv.frt SDLGLDrv.SDLGLRenderDevice
SDL Software Support Support logiciel SDL SDLSoftDrv.frt SDLSoftDrv.SDLSoftwareRenderDevice
PowerVR SGL Support Support PowerVR SGL SglDrv.frt SGLDrv.SGLRenderDevice
Software Rendering Rendu logiciel SoftDrv.frt SoftDrv.SoftwareRenderDevice
Mesa 3D Support Support Mesa 3D XMesaGLDrv.frt XMesaGLDrv.XMesaGLRenderDevice Unreal Only
XOpenGL Support Support XOpenGL XOpenGLDrv.frt XOpenGLDrv.XOpenGLRenderDevice Category=Options
Direct3D 8 Support Support Direct3D 8 D3D8Drv.frt D3D8Drv.D3D8RenderDevice Unreal Only

"Map Lists" Tree

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Darkmatch Maps Maps match noir UnrealI.frt UnrealI.DkMapList Unreal Only
Deathmatch Maps Maps combat à mort UnrealShare.frt UnrealShare.DmMapList Unreal Only

"XOpenGL Support" Tree

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Debug Options Options débuggage XOpenGLDrv.frt XOpenGLDrv.XOpenGLRenderDevice Category=DebugOptions

"Display" Tree

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Source Development Layer Source Development Layer SDLDrv.frt SDLDrv.SDLClient Category=Display
Windows Windows WinDrv.frt WinDrv.WindowsClient Category=Display
X Server X Server XDrv.frt XDrv.XClient Category=Display
Source Development Layer 2 Source Development Layer 2 SDL2Drv.frt SDL2Drv.SDL2Client Category=Display
Unreal only

"Joystick" Tree

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Source Development Layer Source Development Layer SDLDrv.frt SDLDrv.SDLClient Category=Joystick
Windows Windows WinDrv.frt WinDrv.WindowsClient Category=Joystick
X Server X Server XDrv.frt XDrv.XClient Category=Joystick
Source Development Layer 2 Source Development Layer 2 SDL2Drv.frt SDL2Drv.SDL2Client Category=Joystick
Unreal only

Weapon/Item/Locale Names


Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Dispersion Pistol Pistolet à dispersion UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty]
AutoMag AutoMag UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Stinger Stinger UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty]
ASMD Fusil ASMD UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Eightball Gun Lance-roquettes UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Flak Cannon Canon flak UnrealI.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty]
RazorJack Lance-lames UnrealI.frt [Empty] [Empty]
GES BioRifle Fusil bio GES UnrealI.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Rifle Fusil de précision UnrealI.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Minigun Minigun UnrealI.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Quad-Barreled ShotGun Quadruple fusil à pompe UnrealI.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Translocator Téléporteur UnrealShare.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Peacemaker Pacificateur UnrealI.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Chainsaw Tronçonneuse Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Impact Hammer Marteau Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Enforcer Nettoyeur Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Dual Enforcers Doubles nettoyeurs Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Shock Rifle Fusil de choc Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Enhanced Shock Rifle Super fusil de choc Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Pulse Gun Fusil à plasma Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Ripper Eventreur Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Rocket Launcher Lance-roquettes Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Sniper Rifle Fusil de précision Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Redeemer Rédempteur Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only


Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Dispersion Pistol Powerup Amélioration du pistolet à dispersion UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Clip Chargeur UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Tarydium Shards Eclats de tarydium UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty]
ASMD Core Charge ASMD UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Eightballs Roquettes UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Flak Shells Obus de flak UnrealI.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Razor Blades Lames de rasoir UnrealI.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Tarydium Biosludge Boue de tarydium UnrealI.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Rifle Rounds Balles de fusil UnrealI.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Bullet Box Boîte de balles UnrealShare.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Shell Box Boîte d'obus UnrealI.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Shock Cores Charges choc Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Enhanced Shock Cores Super-charges choc Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Pulse Cells Cellule à impulsion Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Rocket Pack Pack de roquettes Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only


Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
SearchLight Projecteur UnrealI.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Nali Fruit Seeds Graines UnrealI.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Jump Boots Bottes de saut UnrealI.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Force Field Champ de force UnrealI.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Invisibility Invisibilité UnrealI.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Asbestos Suit Combinaison d'amiante UnrealI.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Acoustic Dampener Silencieux UnrealI.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Antitoxin Suit Combinaison anti-toxique UnrealI.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Power Shield Champ de protection UnrealI.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Woodruff Seeds Graines de muguet UnrealI.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Universal Translator Traducteur universel UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Shield Belt Ceinture de protection UnrealShare.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Flashlight Lampe torche UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Nali Healing Fruit Baies de soin Nali UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Health Pack Pack de santé UnrealShare.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty]
SCUBA Gear Scaphandre UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Energy Amplifier Amplificateur UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Voice Box Boîte vocale UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Flare Fusée éclairante UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Super Health Pack Méga pack de santé UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Kevlar Suit Veste en kevlar UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Bandages Pansements UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Assault Vest Gilets pare-balles UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Master of the Woods Maître des forêts UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Minigun Sentry Tourelle minigun UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Damage Amplifier Amplificateur de dégâts Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Thigh Pads Cuissardes Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Body Armor Armure Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
AntiGrav Boots Bottes antigravité Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Big Keg O' Health Super kit médical Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Health Vial Fiole de soin Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only


Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Bluff Eversmoking Ravin Eversmoking Bluff.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
The Ceremonial Chambers Ceremony.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Chizra - The Nali Water God Temple Temple de Chizra - Dieu de l'Eau des Nali Chizra.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Dark Arena Arène des ténèbres Dark.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Cellars at Dasa Pass Cavernes de Dasa DasaCellars.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Dasa Mountain Pass Col de Dasa DasaPass.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Demon Crater Cratère du démon DCrater.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Rrajigar Mine Mine de Rrajigar Dig.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Night Op Opération nocturne DKNightOp.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Ariza Ariza DmAriza.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Beyond The Sun Au-delà du Soleil DmBeyondTheSun.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal 227 Only
Curse Malédiction DmCurse.frt, DM-Curse][.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Death Fan Souffle de mort DmDeathFan.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Deck #16 Pont #16 DmDeck16.frt, DM-Deck16][.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Elsinore Elsinore DmElsinore.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Exar Exar DmExar.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal 227 Only
Fire In The Hole Tirez dans le tas DMfith.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Healing Pod Zone de régénération DmHealPod.frt, DM-HealPod][.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Morbias Morbias DmMorbias.frt, DM-Morbias][.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Radikus Radikus DmRadikus.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Retrospective Rétrospective DmRetrospective.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal 227 Only
Riot! Soulèvement ! DmRiot.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal 227 Only
Tundra Toundra DmTundra.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Depths of Rrajigar Profondeurs de Rrajigar Dug.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Ending Sequence Séquence de fin EndGame.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Mothership Basement Soutes du vaisseau-mère ExtremeBeg.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Mothership Core Coeur du vaisseau-mère ExtremeCore.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
The Darkening L'obscurité ExtremeDark.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Illumination Illumination ExtremeDarkGen.frt, ExtremeDGen.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Mothership Lab Laboratoire du vaisseau-mère ExtremeLab.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
The Source Antechamber L'antichambre de la Source ExtremeEnd.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Skaarj Generator générateur Skaarj ExtremeGen.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
The Gateway Portail Gateway.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Harobed Village Village Harobed Harobed.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
ISV-Kran Deck 1 Pont 1 de l'ISV-Kran IsvDeck1.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
ISV-Kran Decks 2 & 3 Ponts 2 et 3 de l'ISV-Kran IsvKran32.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
ISV-Kran Deck 4 Pont 4 de l'ISV-Kran IsvKran4.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Serpent Canyon Ravin du Serpent NaliBoat.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Nali Castle Château Nali NaliC.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Demonlord's Lair Repaire du prince-démin NaliLord.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Noork's Elbow Noork Elbow Noork.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Nyleve's Falls Chutes de Nyleve Nyleve.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Sacred Passage Passage sacré Passage.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
The Source La Source QueenEnd.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Temple of Vandora Temple de Vandora Ruins.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Outpost 3J Avant-poste 3J SkyBase.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Gateway to Na Pali Les portes de Na Pali SkyCaves.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Na Pali Haven Refuge de Na Pali SkyTown.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Spire Village Village de l'aiguille SpireVillage.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Terraniux Underground Sous-sol de Terraniux TerraLift.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Terraniux Terraniux Terraniux.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
The Sunspire L'aiguille TheSunspire.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
The Trench La tranchée Trench.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Velora Pass Passes de Velora VeloraEnd.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Vortex Rikers Vortex Rikers Vortex2.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Gala's Peak Pic de Gala Abyss.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Approaching UMS Prometheus Approche de l'UMS Prométhée Crashsite.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
UMS Prometheus UMS Prométhée Crashsite1.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Inside UMS Prometheus À l'intérieur de l'UMS Prométhée Crashsite2.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Athena Athéna DmAthena.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Daybreak Aube DmDaybreak.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Hazard Danger DmHazard.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Stomp Ecrasé DmStomp.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Sun Speak La langue du Soleil DmSunSpeak.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Terra Terra DmTerra.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Edge of Na Pali Falaise de Na Pali (chutes du crépuscule) DuskFalls.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
The Eldora Well Le puits d'Eldora Eldora.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Ending Sequence Séquence de fin End.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Foundry Tarydium Plant Fonderie de tarydium Foundry.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Watcher of the Skies Sentinelle des cieux Glacena.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Glathriel Village Village de Glathriel Glathriel1.frt, Glathriel2.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Intermission X Intermission X InterIntro.frt, Inter1.frt, Inter2.frt, Inter3.frt, Inter4.frt, Inter5.frt, Inter6.frt, Inter7.frt, Inter8.frt, Inter9.frt, Inter10.frt, Inter11.frt, Inter12.frt, Inter13.frt, Inter14.frt, InterCrashsite.frt, Intro1.frt, Intro2.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Nagomi Passage Passage de Nagomi Nagomi.frt, NagomiSun.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Escape from Na Pali Fuir Na Pali Nalic2.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Neve's Crossing La traversée de NEve Nevec.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Spire Valley Vallée de l'aiguille SpireLand.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Bounds of Foundry Limites de la fonderie Toxic.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Velora Temple Temple de Velora Velora.frt [Empty] [Empty] RTNP Only
Cybrosis Central Centre Cybrosis DM-Cybrosis.frt, CTF-Cybrosis][.frt, DM-Cybrosis][.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Blood Letting Saignée DM-Letting.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal FMP Only
Loxi Loxi DM-Loxi.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal FMP Only
Mojo Mojo DM-Mojo.frt, DM-Mojo][.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Shrapnel Shrapnel DM-Shrapnel.frt, DM-Shrapnel][.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Twilight Crépuscule DM-Twilight.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal FMP Only
Bay C Baie C DmBayC.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal DMP Only
Blood Creek Crique de sang DmCreek.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal DMP Only
Despair Désespoir DmDespair.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal DMP Only
Eclipse Eclipse DmEclipse.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal DMP Only
Krazy Fou DmKrazy.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal DMP Only
Locke Locke DmLocke.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal DMP Only
Morbfanza Morbfanza DmMorbfanza.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal DMP Only
Scruular Scruular DmScruular.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal DMP Only
Splash Fortress Forteresse Splash DmSplash.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal DMP Only
The Villa Docks Docks de la villa DmVilla.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal DMP Only
Frigate Frégate AS-Frigate.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Guardia Fortress Forteresse de la Guardia AS-Guardia.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
High Speed Grande vitesse AS-HiSpeed.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Mazon Fortress Forteresse de Mazon AS-Mazon.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Ocean Floor "Station 5" Plancher océanique 'Station 5' AS-Oceanfloor.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Operation Overlord Opération Overlord AS-Overlord.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Rook Tour AS-Rook.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Assault Tutorial Didacticiel du mode Assaut AS-Tutorial.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
The Last Command Le dernier ordre CTF-Command.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Coret Center Centre Coret CTF-Coret.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Dreary Outpost Avant-poste sinistre CTF-Dreary.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Eternal Caves Grottes éternelles CTF-EternalCave.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Facing Worlds Mondes face à face CTF-Face.frt, CTF-Face-SE.frt, CTF-Face][.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
The Iron Gauntlet Le gant de fer CTF-Gauntlet.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Lava Giant Géant de lave CTF-LavaGiant.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Niven Experimental Lab Laboratoire expérimental Niven CTF-Niven.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
November Sub Pen Novembre CTF-November.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
CTF Tutorial Didacticiel du mode Capture de drapeau CTF-Tutorial.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Orion's Barricade Barrière d'Orion DM-Barricade.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Codex of Wisdom Codex de la Sagesse DM-Codex.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Conveyor Convoyeur DM-Conveyor.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Fetid Sewers Egouts fétides DM-Fetid.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Fractal Reactor Réacteur fractal DM-Fractal.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Gothic Castle Gothique DM-Gothic.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Heavy Metal Grinder Broyeur DM-Grinder.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
HyperBlast Hyper explosion DM-HyperBlast.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Koos Galleon Galion Koos DM-KGalleon.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Liandri Central Core Noyau central de Liandri DM-Liandri.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Morpheus Morphée DM-Morpheus.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
ITV Oblivion Oubli DM-Oblivion.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Peak Monastery Monastère du pic DM-Peak.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Phobos Moon Lune Phobos DM-Phobos.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Pressure Pression DM-Pressure.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Floating Pyramid La pyramide flottante DM-Pyramid.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Stalwart Vaillant DM-Stalwart.frt, DM-StalwartXL.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Tempest Tempête DM-Tempest.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Turbine Turbine DM-Turbine.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
DM Tutorial Didacticiel du mode Combat à mort DM-Tutorial.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Ice Station Zeto Station polaire Zeto DM-Zeto.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Cinder Foundry Fonderie DOM-Cinder.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Condemned Condamné DOM-Condemned.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Cryptic Cryptique DOM-Cryptic.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Gearbolt Installation Gearbolt DOM-Gearbolt.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Ghardhen Labs Ghardhen DOM-Ghardhen.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Lament Complainte DOM-Lament.frt, DOM-Lament][.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Southside Leadworks Fonderie de plomb DOM-Leadworks.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Metal Dream Rêve de métal DOM-MetalDream.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Olden Aquifer Ancien réservoir d'eau DOM-Olden.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Tomb of Sesmar Tombeau de Sesmar DOM-Sesmar.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
DOM Tutorial Didacticiel du mode Domination DOM-Tutorial.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
End of Ladder Fin de championnat EOL_Assault.frt, EOL_Challenge.frt, EOL_CTF.frt, EOL_Deathmatch.frt, EOL_Domination.frt, EOL_Statues.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Darji Outpost #16-A Avant-poste Darji #16-A CTF-Darji16.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY Only
Hall of Giants Hall des géants CTF-HallOfGiants.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY Only
High Towers Hautes tours CTF-High.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY Only
Hydro Bases Bases hydroélectriques CTF-Hydro16.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY Only
Kosov Canyon Canyon de Kosov CTF-Kosov.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY Only
Noxion Base Base Noxion CTF-Noxion16.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY Only
Nucleus Power Plant Réacteur Nucleus CTF-Nucleus.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY Only
Orbital Station Station orbitale CTF-Orbital.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY Only
The Pit of Agony Puits d'agonie DM-Agony.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY Only
Arcane Temple Temple mystérieux DM-ArcaneTemple.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY Only
The Cranes Les grues DM-Crane.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY Only
Malevolence Malveillance DM-Malevolence.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY Only
Space Noxx Space Noxx DM-SpaceNoxx.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT GOTY Only
Temple of Beatitude Temple de béatitude CTF-Beatitude.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT BP4 Only
Epic Boy Epic Boy CTF-EpicBoy.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT BP4 Only
Ratchet Levier CTF-Ratchet.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT BP4 Only
Bishop Evèque DM-Bishop.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT BP4 Only
Closer Resolution Meilleure résolution DM-Closer.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT BP4 Only
Grit Force DM-Grit-TOURNEY.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT BP4 Only
Viridian Dreams Rêves de Viridian DM-Viridian-TOURNEY.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT BP4 Only
Bulletproof Pare-balles DOM-Bullet.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT BP4 Only
City Domination Domination urbaine DOM-Cidom.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT BP4 Only
Wolf's Bay Baie du Loup DOM-WolfsBay.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT BP4 Only

Keys and functions


Letters (A-Z) and numbers (0-9) are excluded of this list for simplicity reasons. Also input sets (i.e. Joy1-Joy16) will appear as <input> X (i.e. Joy X).

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Left Mouse Clic gauche UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Right Mouse Clic droit UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Cancel Annuler UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Middle Mouse Clic central UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Unknown X Inconnue X UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Backspace Retour UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Tab Tab UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Enter Entrée UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Shift Maj. UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Control Contrôle UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Alt Alt UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Pause Pause UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Caps Lock Verr. Maj. UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Mouse X Souris X UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Escape Echap. UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Space Espace UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Page Up Page préc. UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Page Down Page suiv. UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
End Fin UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Home Origine UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Left Gauche UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Up Haut UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Right Droite UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Down Bas UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Select Sélection UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Print Impression UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Execute Exécuter UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Print Screen Imp. écr. UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Insert Inser. UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Delete Suppr. UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Help Aide UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Num. Pad X Pav. num. X UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Separator Séparateur UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Num. Lock Verr. num. UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Scroll Lock Arrêt défil. UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Left Shift Maj. gauche UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Right Shift Maj. droite UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Left Ctrl. Ctrl. gauche UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Right Ctrl. Ctrl. droite UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Semicolon Point-virgule UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Equals Egale UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Comma Virgule UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Minus Moins UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Period Point UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Slash Barre oblique UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Tilde Tilde UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Joystick X Joystick X UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Left Bracket Crochet gauche UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Backslash Barre oblique inversée UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Right Bracket Crochet droit UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Single Quote Apostrophe UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Mouse Wheel Up Molette haut UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Mouse Wheel Down Molette bas UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Attention Attention UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Cr Sel Cr Sel UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Ex Sel Ex Sel UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Er Eof Er Eof UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Play Jouer UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Zoom Zoom UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
No Name Sans nom UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
PA1 PA1 UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
OEM Clear OEM Clear UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]


Input sets (i.e. Look for Player 1-10) will appear as <function> X (i.e. Look for Player X).

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Fire Tir UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Alternate Fire Tir secondaire UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Move Forward Avancer UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Move Backwards Reculer UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Turn Left Tourner à gauche UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Turn Right Tourner à droite UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Strafe Left Dpl. Lat. gauche UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Strafe Right Dpl. Lat. droite UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Jump/Up Sauter UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Crouch/Down Accroupi UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Mouse Look Vue souris UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Activate Item Utiliser objet UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Next Item Objet suivant UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Previous Item Objet précédent UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Look Up Vue haut UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Look Down Vue bas UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Center View Centrer vue UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Walk Marcher UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Strafe Dpl. lat. UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Next Weapon Arme suivante UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Prev. Weapon Arme précédente UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Throw Weapon Jeter arme UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Feign Death Simuler mort UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Music Menu Menu musique UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Chat Discussion UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Team Chat Discu. équipe UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Show Scores Scores UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Grab Decoration Attraper UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Toggle Behindview Basculer 3ème pers. UMenu.frt, UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Activate Translator Utiliser traducteur UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Suicide Suicide UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Quick Save Sauvegarde rapide UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Quick Load Chargement rapide UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Screenshot Capture d'écran UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Change Brightness Changer luminosité UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Admin Menu Menu admin UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Cancel Connection Annuler connexion UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Disconnect Déconnexion UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Reconnect Reconnexion UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Console Button Boutton console UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Console Character Caractère console UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Quick Console Console rapide UnrealShare.frt, UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Show Voice Menu Menu vocal UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Thrust Poussée pelvienne UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Wave Salut UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Victory 1 Victoire 1 UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Victory 2 Victoire 2 UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Select Best Weapon Meilleure arme UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Translocator Traducteur UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Chainsaw Tronçonneuse UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Impact Hammer Mzrteau UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Enforcer Nettoyeur UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Shock Rifle Fusil choc UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
GES BioRifle Fusil bio GES UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Pulse Gun Fusil à impulsion UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Sniper Rifle Fusil de précision UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Ripper Eventreur UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Minigun Minigun UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Flak Cannon Canon flak UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Rocket Launcher Lance-roquettes UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Redeemer Rédempteur UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
View Teammate X Voir équipier X UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Increase HUD Agrandir HUD UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Decrease HUD Rétrécir HUD UTMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only


Difficulty Levels

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Novice Novice UMenu.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Average Moyen UMenu.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Experienced Expérimenté UMenu.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Skilled Habile UMenu.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Adept Initié UMenu.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Masterful Maître UMenu.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Inhuman Inhumain UMenu.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Godlike Divin UMenu.frt, Botpack.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Easy Facile UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Medium Moyen UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Hard Difficile UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Unreal Unreal UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty]
Extreme Extrême UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Nightmare Cauchemar UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Ultra-Unreal Ultra-Unreal UMenu.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only

Model Names

Original entry Translation Found In Class Metaclass Notes
Male 1 Homme 1 UnrealI.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Male 2 Homme 2 UnrealI.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Male 3 Homme 3 UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Female 1 Femme 1 UnrealShare.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Female 2 Femme 2 UnrealI.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Skaarj Trooper Soldat Skaarj UnrealI.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Nali Nali UnrealI.frt [Empty] [Empty] Unreal Only
Male Commando Commando homme Botpack.frt, CommandoSkins.frt, RocketArena.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Male Soldier Soldat homme Botpack.frt, SoldierSkins.frt, RocketArena.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Female Commando Commando femme Botpack.frt, FCommandoSkins.frt, RocketArena.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Female Soldier Soldat femme Botpack.frt, SGirlSkins.frt, RocketArena.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Boss Boss Botpack.frt, BossSkins.frt, RocketArena.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Skaarj Hybrid Hybride Skaarj multimesh.frt, RocketArenaMultimesh.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Nali Nali multimesh.frt, RocketArenaMultimesh.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Nali WarCow Vache nali multimesh.frt, RocketArenaMultimesh.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
WarBoss WarBoss skeletalchars.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only
Xan Mk. II Xan Mk. II skeletalchars.frt [Empty] [Empty] UT Only