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This page contains a series of guidelines meant to add coherence and consistency to the pages.

In general

  • Proper names are NEVER to be translated.
  • Weapon names must be respected across all games. If a weapon has a name in the Guidelines, that name must be used across all translated games. For example, in the Spanish localization, if the Flak Cannon is named "Cañón de Metralla", then that name must be used in Unreal, UT, UT2004, etc.
  • Pay attention to the line you're going to translate. For any doubts, read the Localization page.
  • When it comes to renderers, drivers and other options, respect the tree structure in your language's guidelines. For example, if the parent's Parent section is "Advanced Options" and the new properties page (the Caption) is called is "Rendering", if you want to add a child to "Rendering" called "Software Rendering", the Parent must be named "Rendering" and the Caption must be named "Software Rendering". Failure to follow this rule may end with sections which appear in English not being available for your language. Check the Guidelines of your page for any doubts.


Diacritics can be used. As of october 2020, diacritics on capitals are also working; you can use É, È, Ç, À, etc.

Language-specific pages