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This is an example page for submitting a new INI template. You can copy this page and then edit for your needs to add your own INI.

Settings listed here are for the Example Device Name of Device Type.



Note: For an explanation of the specifications (and how to complete the fields here if you're submitting), see the INI template form page.

Card specifications

Card Here you must write the type of the card: either Graphical Processing Unit or Sound Card.
Manufacturer Here goes your card's manufacturer. Must be identical to the category you have added a link to this page in the main INI templates page.
Card type Standalone or Integrated.
Card version Your full card's version goes here, without the manufacturer.
PCI ID grep VGA.

System specifications

Operating system The name of your OS.
GL_RENDERER You can find this in your Unreal.log, search for GL_RENDERER.
Driver The driver of your card. List the version number here too.
OS Version/Kernel In Windows, you know this by pressing Win+R, typing in systeminfo, highlighting what's written in the Version field and copy/pasting here.
Resolution The resolution you run Unreal at.

INI specifications

Game The name of the game. Can be Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Unreal II: The Awakening or Unreal II eXpanded MultiPlayer.
Game Version The version of the patch you have.
Renderer The renderer you use to play the game. Can be OpenGL, Software Rendering and Direct3D (7/8/9).
Settings Type High quality/High performance/Balanced
FPS change Calculate the percentage that FPS changed before and after you changed the settings. If decreased, write it as -xx%, if increased, +xx%.
Quality change Briefly describe how this INI affects the look of the Unreal game.


Note: To use, replace the section in your Unreal.ini with the one below. Backup and use at your own risk.

Copy and paste your settings from the INI to this field.
To make it wrap correctly, before each line add one space.
Make sure that it's easy for others to copy paste the settings
into their own INIs.