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This page contains various sets of settings, optimised for different graphics cards, sound cards and processors. For informations on setting up your graphic renderer, see the parameters list.


If you want to apply one of the settings listed here, copy the code in the template, open your Unreal.ini or UnrealLinux.ini file and replace everything under the heading that you find in the first line of what you just copied. For example, if the page has this:


Then you have to open your Unreal.ini, find [OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice] and change everything below, until another header (marked by []), with what's written under it here. Shortly, settings you'll find in these pages are fragments of Unreal.ini file.

Note: Use at your own risk. Make sure you create a backup of Unreal.ini first, and if everything fails, delete the INI file altogether and let Unreal recreate it for you.


If you want to cooperate and submit your own settings, make sure you look at an example first: INI template form page. Write everything according to the example (that is, copy and paste the form into another page, for example, INI templates/YourCardName, and edit it from there) and make sure you add links on this page to your INI fragments. One page must have only one fragment, for example, only [OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice]; don't include sound options, because they belong in a separate page. Inside the settings page, include as much relevant information about your machine as possible. If you have any questons, post in the form page discussion or in the forum.


Here you will find links to the optimised fragments of Unreal.ini for you to use. Choose your card type, manufacturer, model, game version and performance setting.

Graphics cards





Sound cards

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