Dynamic Zones

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Subclass of: Actor> Info > Zoneinfo
Included since: 227f

Dynamic ZoneInfos are simply ZoneInfos that can be moved and spawned at will while playing. They come in handy to create effects such as rising water or temporary flooded or altered areas. They are not limited by portals and BSP, but act within a defined volume around the DynamicZoneInfo actor.


  • bMoveForcesTouchUpdate: forces the update of actors touching the zone when the DynamicZoneInfo moves or is altered.
  • BoxMax and BoxMin: define the size of the zone around the DynamicZoneInfo actor if the ZoneAreaType is DZONE_Cube.
  • bUseRelativeToRotation: the zone shape should be relative to dynamic zoneinfo's rotation.
  • CylinderSize: defines the height of the cylinder if the ZoneAreaType is DZone_Cylinder.
  • MatchOnlyZone: Write name of a BSP zoneinfo actor here to make the dynamic zoneinfo only effect inside that zone.
  • SphereSize: radius of the sphere if ZoneAreaType is DZONE_Sphere, or radius of the cylinder if ZoneAreaType is DZONE_Cylinder.
  • ZoneAreaType: zone of effect of the DynamicZoneInfo : Cube, Cylinder, Sphere, or SCRIPT to call Uscript events (warning : very slow).


The DynamicZoneInfo has subclasses equivalent to the ZoneInfo's subclasses: Nitrogen, Teleport, Water, Lava, Tar and Slime zones. They are similar to the static versions but have the benefits of movement and on-the-fly creation, as the DynamicZoneInfo.