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  • Title  : Island space
  • Version  : 1.0
  • Release Date  : 10-21-00
  • Filename  : dm-islandspace
  • Author  : Kick!
  • Description  : it's a deathmatch map silly!
  • Where to get this map  : look for it at my website!
  • Other levels by author  : dm-distantlands

Additional Credits to  : -


--- Play Information ---

  • Game  : Unreal
  • Level Name  : Island space
  • Deathmatch  : yes
  • Domination  : no
  • Assault  : No
  • Dark Match  : No
  • Capture the Flag  : No
  • Difficulty Settings  : No
  • New Sounds  : No
  • New Graphics  : No
  • Known bugs  : well, when you run this map, it has been known that the sky does not turn for those who do join the game....some of the planets do not show up in the

sky as well for those same people but for those who have the map, they see the sky turn, if you know how to fix this then please email me and let me know and i'll be able to fix it, thanks and enjoy all!

--- Construction --- Editor(s) used  : UnrealEd Base  : None Construction Time  : about a week


Dm Island Space . . . . Author Kick! . . . . review by Flapjax


  • unimaginably creative - a cornucopia of eye candy
  • successful array of (?)asteroid(?) placement (simple but amazingly effective)
  • can peek into teleporters before committing (may not be a pro for you)


  • stark in structural inclusion; i.e. where's to go ?
  • can't readily jump between asteroids (something I found a desire to do)
  • some asteroids are too dark - especially after popping in via a bright light teleporter


This is the most bewildering map I have yet seen. Not heavy in scope but OverTaxed in creativity. The author *claims* this is only his second map. If that is true — I am holding my breath to see his/her tenth !!! What the map leaves out in size and depth it compensates for in sheer beauty. Gameplay is fast and dangerous - if just due to the, less than defined, edges of the asteroids. LOL, if you have two left feet like me, you'll spend a lot of time in free space on your way to your splattered destiny. There is a continual "surprise" element dashing from one asteroid to another because of the close-and-(bloody)personal encounters. Pickup items are plentiful and refresh quickly. Health is abundant. THAT's GOOD because you'll need plenty. I think it will take some time to get the feel for HOW to play this map. Even for it's shortcomings and limitations ... I recommend EVERYONE look at this map. You may not play it long but you will measure every other map by it's audacious concept. Kick! - please make more maps. d:-)

DM-IslandSpace-1.jpg DM-IslandSpace-2.jpg DM-IslandSpace-3.jpg