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Automag is a weapon that you obtain second in game. It can be picked up at Nali Hut behind the boxes (at other side of Vortex Rikers exit) and after Elevators (NyLeve falls level).

Weapon: Automag
Weapon Class: UnrealShare.Automag
Ammo: Clips and Bullet boxes
Ammo class: UnrealShare.Clip & UnrealShare.ShellBox
Amplifier affection: Damage is not multiplied
Max ammo: 200
Damage: 17
Fire rate: ???
Alt damage: 17
Alt fire rate: ???
Weapon slot: 2

Behind the Scenes

The Automag went through several design changes before the game was released. An early version, dating back to 1996, was shown on a website. Later, the Automag was redesigned again. This version appears as the Automag's world model in the 1997 beta.

Gameplay-wise, the Automag was supposed to have a three-round burst as its secondary fire mode. This was removed in favor of the current alt-fire mode.