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Your armours and suits are your only friend in Unreal. Well, except maybe for that one Nali. Remember that you can have different layers of armor at once, but you can never have more than one suit (Asbestos, Kevlar, or Toxin). All armours protect against bullets and closqe-quarter-combat damage. The Toxin and Asbestos suit also provide protection against some damagetypes which may be cause by the environment.

Assault Vest Kevlar Suit Asbestos Suit
  • The Assault Vest is just a standard piece of protective body armor.
  • 100 points of protection.
  • Class:UnrealShare.Armor
  • The Kevlar Suit is almost indistinguishable from the Assault Vest, except for its looking good. It also loses its protection less quickly than the AssaultVest.
  • 100 points of protection
  • Class:UnrealShare.KevlarSuit
  • A nice black suit, which provides protection against burning damage. You can use it to swim in lava and nitrogen. I hope there's an integrated helmet however.
  • 50 points of protection
  • Class:UnrealI.AsbestosSuit
Toxin Suit ShieldBelt PowerShield
  • Last of the suits, the Toxin Suit protects against toxic materials, like slime, biorifle damage etc.
  • 50 points of protection
  • Class:UnrealI.ToxinSuit
  • Familiar to Unreal Tournament players, but scaled down, the ShieldBelt is the first of the two protection belts. It protects any other armour you are wearing underneath.
  • 100 points of protection
  • Class:UnrealShare.ShieldBelt
  • Best protection device in the game, the PowerShield gives the most protection of all devices and armoures and can be combined with the ShieldBelt.
  • 200 points of protection
  • Class:UnrealI.PowerShield