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ASMD (And Suck My D*ck) is a weapon that you obtain fourth in game. It has shock-combo that can deal serious damage :P. You can get it at the Chizra Temple level, after the first elevator (near the secret door). Or at secret at Depths of Rrajigar. You can trigger combo by shooting tazer projectile in air with primary fire.

Weapon: ASMD
Weapon Class: UnrealShare.ASMD
Ammo: Shock Cores
Ammo class: UnrealShare.ASMDAmmo
Amplifier affection: Damage is multiplied *
Max ammo: 50
Damage: 35
Fire rate: ???
Alt damage: 55
Alt fire rate: ???
Combo damage: 220 (880 with Amp)
Combo fire rate: Very slow, is not constant xD
Weapon slot: 4

* There is a bug in online play which causes ASMD not being amplified. This can be solved by simply throwing the affected weapon away from the inventory and picking it up again. What causes the bug is unknown yet.