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Unreal v227 Release Notes
v227a and v227bv227cv227dv227ev227fv227gv227hv227iv227jUED 2.1

Below are the patch release notes for the OldUnreal Patch 227j. The below compilation is a list of all changes that were publicly listed in release threads and public changelogs, or contained in Git commit messages since the project moves to a GitHub repository. Due to the nature of the project schedule and the small development team, numerous small changes may have gone under the radar.

Release date

  • TBA


  • DmBeyondTheSun: Sky fix applied by Shivaxi.
  • EntryIII:
    • Other texture and bsp changes.
    • Patrolling Brute removed.
    • Mercenary and Brute sounds removed and set them to ignore.
    • Level origin point (0,0,0) moved inside of the level.
    • Applied code update by Marco.


  • Overall:
    • All device names shortened to just their names (e.g. "Support for OpenAL 3D" -> "OpenAL 3D").
    • Crashsite2.*: Subtitles synchronized across all languages.
    • D3DDrv.*: Now unavailable for Win64.
    • D3D9Drv.*: The renderer can now be selected in UnrealEd.
    • DmStomp.*: Fixed Title.
    • Editor.*:
      • By consensus (sigh), the Commandlets will be left untranslated.
      • CompareInt commandlet removed as it was fused with DumpInt. Updated description in DumpInt.
    • Engine.*:
      • Standard Console now has a short name for the Classic Menu.
      • Console name renamed: "Standard Unreal Console" -> "Standard (Deprecated)"
      • General file layout updated in all languages.
      • By consensus (sigh), the Commandlets will be left untranslated.
    • SetupUnrealPatch.*: Removed UED version number.
    • UBrowser.*: Console name renamed: "Unreal Browser Console" -> "Classic Menu"
    • UMenu.*:
      • Inverted Mouse now has a proper description (inverts the Y axis rather than X axis).
      • Tweaked descriptions of HUD Scaling, Specular Lights, Sky Fogging, Lightmap LOD and Shadow Draw Distance.
      • Changed in Shadow Draw Distance: "Low" -> "Short"
      • New Game Menu: Improved message that shows whenever Extreme/Nightmare/Ultra-UNREAL are chosen as difficulty settings.
      • Console name renamed: "UMenu Browser Console" -> "UMenu (Windows-Like)"
      • "Console" -> "Menu Design"
    • UnrealShare.*:
      • Unreal logo missed from the Unreal campaign.
      • Tweaked descriptions of HUD Scaling and Sky Fogging.
      • "Console" -> "Menu Design"
    • UPak.*: Console name renamed: "Unreal Gold Console" -> "Unreal Gold (Deprecated)"
  • German: Minor changes by hosterholz to Setup.det and UMenu.det.
  • French: OldWeapons' strings synced with UnrealI and UnrealShare.
  • Spanish:
    • Localized Viewport in SDL2Drv.est and WinDrv.est.
    • Localized untranslated LevelEnterText in SkyTown.est.
    • Removed "Video" portion from XMesaGLDrv.est's name.
    • Minor fixes to Startup.est and UMenu.est.
    • All instances of "You got/picked up..." got streamlined into "Has recogido..."
  • Polish:
    • Engine.plt: Replaced fonts.
    • Small corrections to Dark.plt, UGCredits.plt, UMenu.plt and UnrealShare.plt. (Thanks, yrex!)
  • Portuguese: Full revision of the language by BIr4.
  • Russian: (Thanks to Reborn for noting the changes)
    • Engine.rut: Replaced fonts.
    • UMenu.rut: Better lines, enlarged area in [UMenuOptionsWindow].
    • UnrealShare.rut: Better lines for Controls menu.
  • Dutch: Implemented fixes to Core.nlt, Engine.nlt and UMenu.nlt by Hyper<NL> on the forums.

Unsorted issues

  • Fixed LadderFonts.utx.