227 release notes/v227h

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227 release notes/v227h

Release date

  • June 02, 2011


  • Added a scalable Translator for higher resolutions.
  • Added "export selected package" for classes in UED.
  • Added support for projector decals (bProjectorDecals) to fix decals not working on static meshes.
  • Added modified editor class browser to append star (*) after class name if the class is not placeable in level (marked abstract, nousercreate or transient).
  • Added support for DrawText color codes (similar to Unreal Engine 2).
  • Added 2 color code functions in GameInfo:
    • static native final function StripColorCodes( out string S );
      Strip color codes from a string.
    • static native final function string MakeColorCode( color Color );
      Make a color code string.
  • Fixed OpenGL doesn't reset gamma correctly on some system.
  • Fixed online some sounds not working online
  • Fixed movers glitch when player is pushed into ceiling
  • Fixed D3D8/9 startup freeze when using same fullscreen resolution as desktop resolution.
  • Fixed UPak Rocket Launcher secondary fire showed no decal online.
  • Fixed Client didn't disconnect correctly on exit
  • Fixed UED2.1 frame disappearing when exiting game from inside UED started Map.
  • Fixed decals not fogged with distance fog
  • Fixed missing frameborder when switching to windowed mode in OpenGL
  • Fixed Titan weird behavior when running against cliffs.
  • Fixed UPak "Bounds of Foundry" trigger broken because of NaliC2 fix.
  • Fixed some cache crash when loading files (with dependencies) from cache
  • Fixed another mover bug and Linux save game blows with .rut translation
  • Fixed fragment program breaks fogging on meshes (such as gibs) if set to true in OpenGL.
  • Fixed Movers where triggered when leaving them (especially DM maps were affected)
  • Fixed bug with struct import text where it failed to import if struct contained static arrays. While at it made any property text imports show name of property on log upon import failure (instead of just ImportText: Failed because of blabla).
  • Fixed editor class browser to show display properly 2 classes with same name but different packages.
  • Fixed missing "Unreal" gui for UMenu from UGold
  • Fixed UPak intro to use the original "Papyrus" Font again.
  • Fixed decals not working on StaticMeshes. Requires to switch to projector decals (bProjectorDecals), which need more performance especially on StaticMeshes. Using projector decals fixes the very very rare decal crash bug too.