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OldUnreal v227 Release Notes
v227a and v227bv227cv227dv227ev227fv227gv227hv227iv227jUED 2.1

Release date

  • 19.07.2008


  • Fixed: OpenAL in Linux version
  • Fixed: Loading savegames in Linux version crashed game.
  • Fixed: UBrowser Menu (classic) for Linux
  • Fixed: Galaxy reverb crashes.
  • Fixed: bleeding damage ignoring settings
  • Fixed: Slow download speed for server without redirect.
  • Added: New option AllowFastDownload: if true, the D/L speed is like older servers, if false, the speed is reduced like pre-227e servers for low bandwidth connection servers.
  • Added: Built-in ban manager has been changed to save all bans in a new file called "Security.ini"
  • Fixed: Last jump causing a "ghost" jump in online games.
  • Fixed: Support with multiple jumpboots (custom mods).
  • Fixed: Broken shield effect on online games.
  • Fixed UED2: Crashed when using MyLevel.
  • Fixed UED2: Crashed when closing it.
  • Fixed UED2: Group browser checkbox was inverted
  • Fixed UED2: After you load script with longer name, with first letter of script with name you are trying to load you CAN'T load it (for example, you cant loading Male after loading MaleOne)
  • Added: Support for playing special Nali/Male 1/Female 2 skins.
  • Added: Support for importing and playing Ogg Vorbis music files (in editor on Music Browser or in game as map music). (For OpenAL and FMod use only!)
  • Added: FMod: ALAudio alike "AStat Audio" and "AStat Detail" commands. Fixed the reverb issue with maps like QueenEnd.
  • Added: New option to enable Sound Attenuate (sounds that are played behind walls are heard in lower volume).
  • Added: IP/Name/ID playerlogger for Servers and messaging it for server admins/server log which will be stored in Security.ini too if GameInfo bMessageAdminsAliases/bLogNewPlayerAliases are true. Like the banning system, this feature is only available for 227 clients.
  • Added Web-Administration support with administration page. Read the included UWebReadme.txt for more info. Features:
    • Restart map - Restart currently playing map.
    • Switch map - Switch map to selected map/game/mutators (note that maplists configure must be enabled to access maplist).
    • Current game - You see list of players (ID/Name/Ping/Score/IP) and controls to Kick/Ban them.
    • Server console - See a list of chat messages in server aswell a command line where you can chat with the players to execute a command on server.
    • Banlist - See a full list of all banned clients, also lets you unban them.
    • Defaults - Server configure page:
    • Main Game config - Lets you configure basic game rules (such as max players/server packages/server actors/redirecting etc).
    • ServerInfo config - Lets you configure public server rules (such as server name/admin name/MOTD).
    • Maplists - lets you configure maplists (for DeathMatch based games, NOT for Coop).
    • Mod Configures - Custom mods configures page (by default it contains configures for DeathMatch, TeamGame, Cooperative).
    • Changed to little better interface and added a config option for the new 227e AllowFastDownload flag.
  • Added OverridePrelogin function for GameRules to modify prelogin allowance or something (its called directly after GameInfo Prelogin).
  • Added new class PlayerClassManager which allows custom mods to temporarly adding in to player settings some new player classes/skins for that game only.
  • Added in Actor a new variable bNetNotify and a new event PostNetReceive, can be used by mod authors for notifing whenever a replicated variable has been changed on client (whenever bNetNotify is True).
  • Added in UBrowser a config option to set initial startup page (Advanced Options > Networking > UBrowser > InitialPage).
  • Added some new native functions to enhance Uscripting:
    • Object:
      • native final function Object FindObject( Class ObjClass, string ObjectName );
        Finds an object based on object name/class.
      • native final function Class GetParentClass( Class ObjClass );
        Get Parent class of a desired class.
      • native final iterator function AllObjects( class BaseClass, out Object Obj );
        Iterate through all objects in game.
      • native final iterator function AllFiles( string FileExtension, string FilePrefix, out string FileName );
        Iterate through all Unreal Package files (u, umx, utx, uax...).
    • Actor:
      • native final function Actor SpawnAct( Class ActClass, vector Loc, optional rotator Rota, optional name ActName, optional Actor Own, optional Pawn Instigat, optional Actor Template, optional bool bMayColFail );
        Spawn an actor class with some additional parameters.
      • native(1722) final function bool CanReachPoint( vector Start, vector End, float ColRadius, float ColHeight, float JumpZ, float XYSpeed );
        A point reachability function for AI use.
      • static native final function NativeExec( string Cmd );
        Pretty much same as 'ConsoleCommand' except it's static function.
    • LevelInfo:
      • static native final function byte GetConState( NetConnection Other );
        Get connection state out of a net connection.
      • static native final function string GetConIP( NetConnection Other, out int Port )
        Get net connection IP aswell as Port.
      • static native final function string GetConOpts( NetConnection Other );
        Get net connection options (?Name=(Leader)-Dante?Class=UnrealShare.Male3?etc...).
      • native final function bool HasDownloaders();
        Fast check if current game has some downloaders.
      • native final iterator function AllConnections( out NetConnection Connect );
        Iterate through all connections currently on server.
      • native final iterator function AllDownloaders( out NetConnection Connect, out string File, out int Sent, out int TotalSz );
        Iterate through all downloaders on server.
      • native final function PointRegion GetLocZone( vector Pos );
        Get the zone out of a desired location.
      • native final function Object AllocateObj( Class ObjClass );
        native final function FreeObject( Object Obj );
        For storing temporary objects/actors that can be reused later.
    • NavigationPoint:
      • native final function int GenReachSpec( Actor Start, Actor End, int Dist, int ColR, int ColH, int RchFlgs, bool bPruned );
        Generate reachspecs for current map.
      • native final function bool EditReach( int Idx, optional Actor Start, optional Actor End, optional int Dist, optional ColR, optional int ColH, optional int RchFlgs, optional bool bPruned );
        Edit an excisting reachspec in current map.
      • native final function bool RemoveReachSpec( int Idx );
        Remove a reachspec from the current map.
    • Canvas:
      • native final function Draw2DLine( Color Col, vector Start, vector End );
        Draw a 2D line on the screen.
      • native final function Draw3DLine( Color Col, vector Start, vector End );
        Draw a 3D line in world.
      • native final function vector WorldToScreen( vector WorldPos );
        Convert world coordinates to screen coordinates.
      • native final function vector ScreenToWorld( vector ScreenPos );
        Convert screen coordinates to world coordinates.
      • native final function DrawPathNetwork( bool bOnlyWalkable );
        Render current map's path network (with 3D lines).
      • native final function coords GetCameraCoords();
        Get the current camera location and rotation.
  • Added new command for server admins: admin UGetConnections, shows current connection IPs, player names, and downloading status.
  • Added: new emitter particle system (Emitter.u/Emitter.dll) which is handled 99 % in C++ scripts (giving a huge speed boost), with realtime preview support in Editor. For full features list, check Particle Emitter page.