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Oldunreal Patch Version 227

This patch was made to offer all Unreal players a new, completely overworked and fixed version for our old "love". Although the main target was bugfixing, many improvements have been made and a lot of additions found their way into this new version. The general gameplay and the game itself was not touched and it should remain 100% compatible to old mods and maps. Also it is still possible to join older servers with this version (as long these servers are not using some kind of anticheat system which doesn't know 227 yet). 227 can be still used as Server for older Clients like 224, 225 and UnrealGold (more details can be found in the WIKI-FAQ: Oldunreal_227_FAQ).

New renderers like D3D8, D3D9 and a heavily improved OpenGL (all based on UTGLR with permission) and new sounddevices like OpenAL and FMod have been added but the "old" versions like D3D and Glide for graphics and Galaxy for sound have been kept.

Many security fixes have been implemented for both client and server. A new check was built in to detect hacks,bots and other cheats. Details about that can be found here: Integrity_(Anticheat).

A Linux port has been created supporting software rendering with SDLSoftDrv and hardware accelerated rendering with OpenGL for graphics output. It offers OpenAL and FMOD for sound and music. This version is completely native and supports to run Unreal as client and as server. Although advanced options are not available every setting can be made within the UnrealLinux.ini and Unreal is fully functional. There is no UED port for Linux and there is no UED port planned at the moment, but included UED2 is working with wine. Currently Linux users have to install the basic version and the patch with wine but once installed the game can be started and used completely native. A native Linux installer is maybe available soon but it needs permission from Epic first.

All other additions are optional, don't interfere with the older versions and may or may not be used in future maps and mods. Thats up to the community. All this should ensure that the game stays like we all know it and love it- just "fixed" and for those who want- enhanced.

If you like this patch you can help me to keep this project alive with a donation, even with very small sums you can help me to improve this patch, or to buy new hardware for testing purposes, it allows me to spend more time for development and to pay for the website.

This package was created with knowledge and permission of Epic MegaGames, Inc. This package is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. These updates are made by Oldunreal, and are completely free. The package may be redistributed without the author's prior permission, and must remain unmodified, but if you offer them for download somewhere please refer to my page.

This package can be offered for download everywhere as long it is of no charge. This means especially those filesharing pages in which you have to register (and maybe pay) to get it. If you can't offer it for free don't put it on your page. The license for OpenAL (www.openal.org, made by Creative Labs, Inc, www.creativelabs.com) and the license for FMod (FMOD Sound System, copyright © Firelight Technologies Pty, Ltd., 1994-2005, www.fmod.org) which are used and shipped with these patches forbid a commercial use in any way too.

Feature details and settings in the included renderer

Version index

Special Thanks & Credits

Here is a small list with people that helped me in this project (no special order, without any single person of them It would have been much harder if not impossible). Please forgive me and gimme a notice if I missed someone, but over all the time my tortured brain is maybe failing...

  • Epic for giving me this chance!
  • .:..: Working out native functions, maths and routines as well as coding additions(such as in native Particle-Emitter, Octree hashing, static meshes), bug hunting, script-fixes.
  • UTPG for their work in UT which helped me very much
  • Shambler - native coding, anti-cheat, many things more and being patient with my stupid questions :)
  • Wolf - anti-cheat and help in UScript, help in adding features, advices and being there for me and this project anytime
  • Chris Dohnal aka UTGLR for his great OpenGL, D3D8 and D3D9, and advices in native coding.
  • Kerilk for FMOD and helping me with OpenAL and being patient with my stupid questions also :)
  • Asgard12000 for tons of script fixes
  • Zombie for script-fixes, security issues
  • []KAOS[]Casey Script fixes, blood Effects, testing, bug hunting
  • Bozo, for tons of fixed meshes- maybe not that obvious as other things, but must have been a hell a lot of work, and can be seen if you watch all the lovely details.
  • Raven for some nice add-on and new features like script based ParticleEmitter and UE1PreProcessorCommandlet
  • Krull for his 227 maps DMRetrospective, DMBeyondTheSun and EntryII
  • Creavion for his very intense UED2 bug testing, UED2 feature advices and for being annoying like hell while bothering me to fix any bug he finds.
  • SA-Digimes and {KDS}Rewind for hosting my Oldunreal-Serpentine server, which I needed badly for testing
  • DieHard for his great High-Resolution Textures (URP), which make 227 more beautiful than ever
  • HyperNL for his Enhanced ServerBrowser and for his very intense server testing
  • Turboman for his skeletal mesh testing and UMenu background, feature testing.
  • Shivaxi for bug hunting, creating new decals and some footstep sounds
  • Pitbull for a nice chat in the night and being a friend
  • Henry00³ ( de Jongh ) for finding especially UED bugs, initial work on UED help and final quality checks.
  • Hellkeeper, who made a really good help file for UED2.1, for helping to maintain the wiki and his maps DmRiot and DmExar;
  • Leo_T_C_K for bug hunting,suggestions, some script fixes
  • SKW for his OldWeapons mod
  • All friends who offered me mirroring
  • The community here which helps me to find and fix the bugs
  • And of course all I may forgot now and all who donated to Oldunreal, helping me to pay and maintain Oldunreal
  • Noob Kraew aka (Leader)-Dante for his unconventional way to report bugs by annoying people with random insults ;)
  • LibSquish http://code.google.com/p/libsquish/ for DXT Compressing/Decompressing
  • Zlib http://www.zlib.net the lossless data-compression library for use on virtually any computer hardware and operating system for our new compression system.
  • Roman Switch` Dzieciol for his base work on SWFMod.
  • Delacroix for extensive work in the wiki translation section, adding new languages and completing existing translations, consulting people natively speaking the language.
  • Jan "eGo" Urbansky for cinematic extensions in UPak and many UMenu additions

Report Bugs

Report bugs and add comments in the Oldunreal forums

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