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Message="I remember it as a little child. Poverty. Food on ration."


Message=My father has been killed before my birth. Mother suddenly and without trace disapeared when I was 8 yrs old.


Message=Many parts of the world became unlivable after the nuclear strikes.


Message=In the year of 2048 broke out 3rd World War.


Message=After 8 cruel years, the most of the world was turned into ruins.


Message=Until the hatred outburst got out of control.


Message=In the 21st century, tension between the world's countries was still raising.............


Message="The wolrd in which children are betraying their parents and informing the government. There is no family, no love. There exists only the love towards the big brother."


Message=The world has completelly changed. There is no freedom of speech, privacy, neither freedom of mind.


Message=In 60s of 21st century, the totalitarian government started fastening and gaining its power in the world.


Message=Every minute of human life is under absolute control of almighty party. Thera are monitors everywhere, which are constantly pumping informations, orders and news to people's brains.


Message=Censorhip of press is matter of course and continuous party propaganda is not anything else than corrupted mass brain-washing.


Message=The government party allowed only few of lucky people to graduate to excursion into the orbit. Party showed this way the advancement of earth.


Message=News about non-existant wars, executions of traitors, or violating armaments' schedules. And all of that under the vigilant supervision of the loving big brother.