TheEmperorStalwartUK’s Tutorial of how to convert a v226f map to a v225f map

Start with your map

Ever wondered how to convert one of your v226f maps into a v225f map? Well in this tutorial you will find out how to do the quickest and easiest way to make your map v225f!


Get the Program for Conversion

Firstly you will have to download a file, to do so, go to then scroll down until you find the downloads, then download the latest frhed (frhed v1.0.156). Then unzip it and open up frhed

Note-frhed is a binary program

When you open up frhed, the screen should look something like this, (note frhed is a binary program) Go to open then open the map you want to convert to v225f. (For this tutorial I will use DM-ME to demonstrate)

Go to Edit then choose find

And when you’ve opened the map, you will see tones of code! Needen worry about it, to find the right code you will need to change firstly go to Edit, then go to Find.

Type in level summary

Then Type in LevelSummary and press OK.

Here's what you'll see

Part of the screen should look like this.

Edit once again and choose replace

Then go to Edit, but this time. Click on Replace.

Replace with special event

Then in the replace with box. Type in SpecialEvent and press Replace.

More Binary

Now part of the screen should look like this. Now your map should be v225f! And there’s no retexturing afterwards!