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OGG/MP3 music plays back more quietly than Trackers

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OGG/MP3 music plays back more quietly than Trackers

Post by Stead-Z »

Hello hello

I apologise if I'm repeating a discussion that has been had before, but I couldn't find anything after a search so here I am anyway. I'm also sorry if this is the wrong section but hey ho

I've noticed (along with others) that the playback volume of OGG and MP3 music files in 227 is much more quiet than that of tracker modules and I was wondering if there is some sort of property that needs to be altered on the player's end or if this is in fact an issue with the audio renderers in general.

The alternative is putting full tracks into a tracker but this creates unnecesary large file sizes which I'd rather avoid.

Any ideas?
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Re: OGG/MP3 music plays back more quietly than Trackers

Post by Smirftsch »

Uuh, what version of ALAudio are we talking about here?
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