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Version 3.5 HD Textures

URP - the Unreal Retexturing Project: for those who are interested in High-Resolution Textures for Unreal & UnrealTournament or may want to take part in creating them

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Version 3.5 HD Textures

Post by ahaigh01 »

The newest version of the HD textures is v3.5

Here are some of the release notes:

"Changes to v3.5

This version has now been upgraded to "4K" status. With v3.0 only the DX11 pack was 4K extreme edition.

Of the 4,423 textures in the pack, close to half were touched in this upgrade.

A lot of the changes in this version are subtle, with the most dramatic being a few sets like Crypt2 and Starship which were almost completely redone.

Many sets had quite a few textures upgraded (Ancient, PlayerShp, NaliC, Queen etc.)

A large part of this upgrade was to improve textures details that were applied too strongly in 3.0, and have now been made more pleasing looking.

Lots of errors were fixed.

List of sets that were worked on:
Ancient, ArenaTex, city, Coret_FX, Crypt_FX, Crypt2, CTF, DDayFX, DecayedS, eol, FractalFX, GenEarth, GenFX, GenIn, GenTerra, Indus1, Indus2, Indus3, Indus4, Indus5, Indus6, JWSky, Langs, Lian-X, Metalmys, Mine, NaliCast, NaliFX, of1, Old_FX, PlayrShp, Queen, SGTech1, ShaneChurch, ShaneDay, ShaneSky, Skaarj, SkyBox, SkyCity, Slums, SnowDog, SpaceFX, Starship, TrenchesFX, UT, UTbase1, UTcrypt, UTtech1, UTtech3.

(The Unreal version has less texture sets)"
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Leo T_C_K
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Re: Version 3.5 HD Textures

Post by Leo T_C_K »

Good job on continuing this project, unfortunately I can't be present for any of this or try it out. My time's running out and I might not be even to type anything online since the 12th, depending on where I'll end up. Being thrown out again after being beaten up and told its my own fault is really harsh for me and it really feels like almost nobody gets it and I get psychology talks instead that by this point it must be my fault, there must have been something wrong with me and if we can't change world around us we must change ourselves. I even have time for such things, even if they were true (which they are not), I don't need that kind of talk or "help" I need practical help/action or help with planning and eventually financial help, but any of those three will do. Not a faux psychology session that cannot change either way the outcome of what happened. I bettered myself, I tried to stick to my promises and I got punished even harder as a result, because someone else didn't change for the better instead became more cunning and manipulative now that her major psychological hysterical issue was gone.
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