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Compatibility of Maps for Unreal I

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Compatibility of Maps for Unreal I

Post by Prime325 »

So. I browsed through the Discussion section of Unreal Gold on Steam and found this "Topic" : ... 867614367/ . I downloaded and manually installed every map to the game (yes umx/utx/uax too) and Im having issues running these maps on the original release of Unreal I and UG 227I. It sais im missing some file called PackageMine.deco which I have and its included in mine.utx. How do I get those maps running tho. :(
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Re: Compatibility of Maps for Unreal I

Post by Smirftsch »

going to download, but I can't say when I have the time to check specifically. I assume it is missing some texture yet out of deco or some naming is plain messed. A logfile would be handy and could reveal more.
(can paste to )
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Re: Compatibility of Maps for Unreal I

Post by Neon_Knight »

Mine.utx is a default Unreal package, it's found in the Textures folder. What OS are you using? Linux is pretty nitpicky when it comes to upper/lowercase sensitivity.

Also, which map were you trying to run?

And as a sidenote: just downloaded that package, always replace with newer versions when unzipping, but beware the file Urban.utx, since there are two versions of it, the big one (4MB) is the one that should replace the short one (1.5 MB)!
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