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Rifle scope animation mod?

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Rifle scope animation mod?

Post by Moon. »

Sorry if this is in the wrong section and to bother you all with this, but several days of searching were of no use to me.

I am looking for a mod that restores this particular cut feature. I have been looking around, but didn't find anything that does this.

Does such a mod exist? In an 10 year old thread someone said it's something anyone can do. How so?

Any help is appreciated.
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Leo T_C_K
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Re: Rifle scope animation mod?

Post by Leo T_C_K »

I had it used in the Gott mod with the gotthoohoo.newrifle I believe I called it.

It was used also in oldskool amp'd mod. for UT Also...the original use of this wasn't for rifle scope but for laser sight only. Before the unrealed versions/demos were recovered from actual 1997 there was only hint of that in the leftover beta files from the big beta. But indeed it never had zooming function until very late in developement. It was for laser sight/light only. The first variant worked like flashlight while the other one worked on sight activation and it had an unused laser dot graphic at one point too.

The stuff in the gott mod is however based on the "unreality" laser rifle mod slightly, but that had it on by default it didn't use the animation that laser sight was intended for.
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Re: Rifle scope animation mod?

Post by Kajgue »

Yo Moon,

The rifle with the scope animation was present in a mod that's actively updated called Project Gryphon, though the entirety of the rifles animations were not vanilla. I do believe i've seen the cut scope animation in numerous mods, but I can't remember which mods i'm thinking of atm. I'm wondering if Shivaxi's HD Weps uses the vanilla scope animation? Only problem is though is that the skin overlays (weapon lights) aren't vanilla.

I can provide the link to the Project Gryphon discord, as they may have the relevant resources. Maybe 83R kept the relevant model before re-animating it.

I'll let them know that I sent you.
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