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The Great Stargate Search

Unreal Unreal and more Unreal
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Victor Delacroix
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The Great Stargate Search

Post by Victor Delacroix »

Hey there.

--- note: this is a crosspost that's being posted on OU, USP, BU and UT99 --

After replaying Stargate Talisman and the Hungarian Project Mirror, I've decided that I'd need to collect everything in one place, that is tied to the Stargate Universe in one way or another, and made for U1 or UT99.

That is why I'm asking for (preferably with links to downloads if possible) everything for U1 or UT99 that contains any of the following:

- storyline placed in the Stargate universe openly
- existence of stargate devices / chappa'ai (even if they are not referred to as such)
- use of stargate terminology (such as referring to our Earth as the Tau'ri)

Gametype doesn't matter. This may be SP, DM, CTF, AS, MH, weapon packs, other kind of mods. As long as it fits any of these terms.

Help a collector out, would you kindly, fellas?
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Re: The Great Stargate Search

Post by Gizzy »

I know Pyro/Henry + some others worked on SGU (Stargate unreal) - not sure if there's any public release though
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Leo T_C_K
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Re: The Great Stargate Search

Post by Leo T_C_K »

I don't know about project mirror but there was this singleplayer map that used infiltration files, I thought its still avaiable even here, it has some voice acting. It has stargate in it and is quite old the map itself.

There's of course redeem your space which blends in the stargate world with unreal one, having stargate, stargate ships and other technology present in the pack.

Hell even that Altar mini map series use stargate as device but barely.

That stargate unreal project, yea i remember it being controversial at first as they took many of stargate talisman maps and one of the member carelessly messed around with them, but it had genuine maps and it was evolving somewhere before being abandoned. But not a good start for that project it was. I remember being banned from their forums and my posts messed with too. diehard did some good work on the pack though trying to help those guys.

It had a public release after it was abandoned and some public betas before that (the first one which made me go balistic over it due to the sheer amount of reused/stolen/uncredited content, which really was a poor mismanagement to say the least).
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