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Civvie blessed us

Unreal Unreal and more Unreal
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Civvie blessed us

Post by lowenz »

Oldunreal patch :)

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Re: Civvie blessed us

Post by IAmSoUnReal »

lowenz wrote: Tue Jan 31, 2023 9:27 pm Oldunreal patch :)

A classic FPS.

Too bad the idiots at Epic decided to remove it from online stores.
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Leo T_C_K
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Re: Civvie blessed us

Post by Leo T_C_K »

That was quite long..since he earlier said he wouldn't cover UPAK/RTNP I was surprised he did in the end. Though the video makes clear one issue that got introduced in the 227 patches, that the scoutship rotates upwards weirdly in duskfalls after it lifts off.

Also I would have liked a little more history background and there were a couple of incorrect assumptions of him, but at least he did mention part of the troubles that went with Unreal II's developement finally even though that is not the full story and it didn't really ship with a 2001 version of the unreal engine. They weren't that far behind, in fact the problem was that they had to keep updating, I believe the build that they last updated it on was the one around e3 2002 though and worked on from there. And also the DE's branch of the engine had higher numbers later because it split off from the mainline. The licensees always had to work with a little outdated stuff than Epic, too.

And really the military push did indeed come more from epic's side too, unreal warfare was at one point just a boring slow-walking team fortress clone-like shooter. With the warfare engines legend then took over the slow moving speed too, lol. It was ironically Digital Extremes side of things that kept things less realism/military based at the time as seen with ut2kx despite assets and some levels being taken over from warfare later on.

He also made it seem as if steele dawn was the only other expansion pack that was planned...wish he knew the full story lol.

I mean Steele Dawn was only considered commercial at the very beginning perhaps, later on they developed it in mind to be a free expansion pack with some still unclear ties to wizardworks and joe wilcox's side of things (probably only as a bonus/compilation with whatever else they were doing). But like...there were many more such addons including epic's own and fusion creative design one (the "company" from eric reuter that he formed contract with Epic) that was demoted to be Intel OEM and ultimately not released(or so it would seem, but now even the s3 savage oem thing seems to be lost apart from the levels and nobody offers it on ebay either).

Good to see the "RAW" clips back though, lol.

IMO Unreal 2 would have been completely fine and still contained state of the art lighting (which the final version didn't have) even if they stuck to the UE1 version or some hybrid or in-between version. Because Legend was fine with modifying the older engine up to specs and they would have prefered it. Due to the engine updates they had to scrap several cool features including the bullet-time mechanic with the stasis grenades that generated stasis fields...something that ut3 then ripped off for itself.
without it being nearly as cool like they disabled instant hit weapons instead of trying to incorporate alt behavior like the carifle in the ue1 unreal 2 did where it turned into real projectile weapon.
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