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Unreal Tournament v469b Patch Release

UT now belongs to the "old" Unreal as well. Supporting it for OpenGL and Sound its time to put up a board now.
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Unreal Tournament v469b Patch Release

Post by anth »

Hello Everyone,

Version 469b of our Unreal Tournament patch has just been released and is available on GitHub: ... /tag/v469b

As always, please check out our README for the most up-to-date installation instructions.

Release notes are available here.

Bug reports can be filed here. When filing a bug report, please include all relevant details about your test setup (OS, OS version, mods, patch build date, etc).

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Re: Unreal Tournament v469b Patch Release

Post by Neon_Knight »

Official U1 v227/UT v469 .int and .est localization maintainer.
"The ratio of critics to creators is something like 10,000:1. The ratio of good critics to bad: 1:10,000." - Fast Eddie, TVTropes
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Re: Unreal Tournament v469b Patch Release

Post by McFrag »

Great news and thank you so mush for all your efforts!
I think I found a bug in UnrealEd. With the Patch it is not possible anymore to change a maps music file. When pressing 'Use' nothing happens. To bad as I was eagerly awaiting the Ogg support :)
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Re: Unreal Tournament v469b Patch Release

Post by tlk »

Top work as usual, thank you.

Can we expect a Linux/amd64 build sometime in the future? Would be *VERY* welcome.

Also, AFAIR there was a "secret" UT dev subforum on the old Perl-powered board. Is it gone now?
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Re: Unreal Tournament v469b Patch Release

Post by HunterZ0 »

This seems to have broken the singleplayer tournament menus such that the controls are pushed off-screen in 1920x1080.

Edit: Going to windowed mode and dragging to resize for more than a second or two also causes a crash with the XOpenGL driver.
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