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UT now belongs to the "old" Unreal as well. Supporting it for OpenGL and Sound its time to put up a board now.
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This is an edit of a map from the Killer Whale Clan, their mapper does some amazing work and I am in awe of a lot of his maps for their creativity or just plain weirdness.
What we have here is a very simplified map in a low gravity environment. Initially the map had no weapons or health or any pickups at all, but I felt it needed it so I added all the trimmings. As well as 2 UTDMT, 1 to each team; map is Wolf vs Man so I named them Wolfy & Manny.

There's just enough space for them to move about freely, and they match the decor... what there is of it.

Ths is a fun map.

Usual Suspects:
.u - /system
.unr - /maps

Enjoy! ...
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