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MMUHoverBikeB Variant

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MMUHoverBikeB Variant

Post by makemeunreal »

Way back in the developement of Unreal Tournament 2003, the game had "rideable" hover bikes that were meant to be used on some giant Bombing Run maps.
The retail product didn't have this feature at all, but had some unused models hidden in some Mesh packages.
I wanted to revive those Hover Bikes to fullfill their destiny and serve us the players.

The bikes are equipped with weapons, both a primary and a secondary weapon with the priamry being some kind of a plasma rifle, and the secondary being a powerful rocket launcher.
They are suitable for online play, and could be used on servers as well. In fact, expect a racetrack to come soon.
I tried to make it as controllable as possible while also keeping it unique and "powerful".

Please note that the bike has a working FPS mode which can be reached by pressing the TOGGLEBEHINDVIEW button (can be set in inputs, it's one of the last in the list) or by typing BEHINDVIEW 0 into the console.
You can switch back with the button, or by using the console again but with the BEHINDVIEW 1 command.
Spawn it directly, or place it to your map.

Have fun, feedback is appreciated!

Download directly from my Dropbox: ...

Read more on the topic of UT 2003's past, pre-release builds and cut content:
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Re: MMUHoverBikeB Variant

Post by Hellkeeper »

Woah, that's pretty sweet, I remember stumbling on the hoverbike's mashes in UT2003's packages back in the days, before I knew it was part of many unfulfilled promises. And I remember the UTX Demo and its (if I remember well) not working bokes in at least two levels. I can't test them as of now but I find this a grat project. :) Everything UT2003 related pleases me.
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